Should I Change My Password? You Probably Need To

Posted by on June 23, 2011 at 3:17 pm

With all of these websites getting hacked and user database information getting published publicly you might be curious if your email address has been compromised. There is a site that will tell you if you need to called Should I Change My Password.

They get their database from a variety of sources including the huge Gawker hack in December 2010 and the most recent Mt. Gox (bit coin) hack just this month. My email along with over 480,000 others were part of the Gawker hack so I punched my email in and it showed that it was compromised. Go check it out and see if your email is still safe or not.

Another (not so)nifty tool if you want to check how strong your password actually is can be found here, the catch though is that your password is not secure if you trusted a third party with it. Just be safe with your passwords and if you use the same passwords at least have different ones like one for your bank, one for social networks, etc.

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