Things You Shouldn’t be Doing on Facebook

Posted by on June 14, 2011 at 7:42 pm

This isn’t the typical don’t spam people with game posts or click on links like “OMG Miley is at it Again, CLICK HERE!” I’m sure she is but that link is just going to give you a link to download a virus. No, this is the stuff that gets you in trouble, fired or makes you lose money.

Your Friend Isn’t Stuck in England

This is one that people have fallen for. This is a scam, your friends account was hacked and someone is looking for money. The emails or chats usually say they got mugged and just need a couple thousand to get home and asks if you can wire them the money. Don’t fall for it!

Talking Shit About Your Boss

Seriously people? Your boss sends you a friend invite, you accept. Cool. But then you forget that they are your friend and you start talking shit in your status updates like this or maybe you get fired like Dawnmarie Souza who found herself out of a job after she referred to her boss as a “dick” and “scumbag” on her Facebook. She won a settlement in court over it but that doesn’t mean you should try your luck.

Giving Out Your Address

We talked about this one before. A German teenager put her address on an event invite but forgot to set it as private. The result was 15,000 people saying they would attend the party and after it was publicly cancelled over 1,500 people still showed up. The police were on the scene and about a dozen people suffered minor injuries. Just don’t put it out there, pass it through email or something that you can’t accidentally make public.

Use it to Cheat

Are you married or in a relationship? Don’t start talking to your ex or some other person thinking that you wont get caught. More than likely you will and it can end your marriage or relationship. Divorce attorneys use Facebook as one of their top tools, “one of the first places that I go to is a social networking site – either Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and oftentimes maybe even LinkedIn” Juliana Wong told KOMO News. Be a little smarter people or just don’t cheat.

Discuss Legal Matters That You Shouldn’t be Discussing

A British juror and defendant have both been found guilty of contempt for communicating together about the trial that was ongoing. Seriously why do people think that this stuff is private. Now one of the defendants is looking to get his sentence overturned for jury misconduct.

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  • Also, don’t mention you’re going on holiday. Gives would be burglars free reign over your property