Microsoft Secretly Unveiled My Next Phone Today

Posted by on July 12, 2011 at 5:32 pm

Unlike the rest of their Windows Phone announcements this year, Microsoft’s unveiling of four new phone models – equipped with their new major Mango update due out this fall – almost went completely under the radar. All of the current Windows Phone models were unveiled last October, so the lack of new hardware has certainly been a yank on Microsoft’s mobile chain. So sure, Acer’s finally getting a Windows Phone out, ZTE’s doing something, whatever. The big news is the new Galaxy S 2-derived Windows Phone and if Sprint plays their cards correctly, I’m going to finally own one.

Assuming all things are equal with its Android-based cousin, since the photo above is about all we know about the specs of this new model, it looks ready to rock out. Featuring a 4.3″ Super-AMOLED screen (which solves some of the biggest issues I had with the HTC Arrive), a gig of RAM, and a super thin form, this looks like it may be the new trophy wife of the Windows Phone family. As for the carrier, well, I hope they’re agnostic about the affair. Although I must admit it’s weird being on Sprint: a network that gave more attention to the dual-screened Kyocera Echo than the Arrive. I’m not terribly interested in switching carriers, but… These new phones aren’t slated to arrive in stores for another few months, but it’s nice to see that new hardware’s coming out, considering how many Android-powered phones arrive on a monthly basis. across the board. Between these and the Mango update, things may finally be on the up and up for the OS, which has yet to win many hearts and minds.

Source: WinRumors via Engadget

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