750 Words: Brain Dumping Program

Posted by on October 27, 2011 at 11:21 am

Like to write? Don’t want or need a fancy program, just need a place to clear you mind and dump your brain? Well, will let you do just that. It’s a free program that is cloud based and allows you to sign in with your Google, Facebook, Yahoo, or openID, so you don’t have to keep track of another user name and password. How does this differ from just using a word processing program? You don’t have to worry about balancing different documents or programs all the time, it automatically saves, and it keeps track of writing statistics for you. Some of them are practical, like how long it took you to write 750 words, how many words per a minute you write, total time that it took you to reach, and how many times you got distracted. Some of them are just kind of fun, a parental rating, how you’re feeling, what you’re concerned about and others.

The point of this program is to get yourself writing consistently and have a clean slate to just say what needs to be said. It’s not blogging and it’s completely private unless you chose to share, and even then it’s customizable on what you want to share. It’s a way to clear you mind before diving into a big project, or even ramble on about a bump you’ve run into on a current project. But it’s not just for writers, you can use it as a private blog-type thing if you want, something to share your darkest secrets where no one can see them. It’s different than working in a notebook, though. The idea of just typing none stop until your thoughts are gone or until you hit 750 words is more spontaneous than hand writing your thoughts. In this age of technology 750 words gives the ranter a place to rant, the poet a place to rhyme, and the writer a place to muse.

As Xbox will tell you, people love achievements and badges. 750 words is like a video game for writing. You can earn points for each entry, badges, and little animal symbols on your page. It keeps it fun so you don’t get too discouraged or bored with it. They do monthly challenges that encourage you to continue for a month of straight brain dumping and even have a little contract for you to fill out. (For fun of course). Over all, the creator of 750 Words did a fantastic job of taking a small challenge and making it fun.

It is a free program but they do a thing called Patronage. For the price of a cup of coffee, you can help support the site and gain access to some extra features. You can either donate when you can or do a subscription of donations, in the form of cups of coffee. One cup of coffee is $4.00 and you can do it through PayPal. Even if you don’t donate, support them by spreading the word, if the program isn’t right for you, it might be for a friend.

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