Apple Announcement Liveblogs Suck

Posted by on October 4, 2011 at 12:01 pm

If you’re a big Apple geek like me, waiting for an Apple announcement event is like sitting in front of a big present on Christmas morning. These events are huge and the media automatically flocks to them like a herd of sheep. But there’s always one type of media that’s missing every time — a camera that streams video of it across the internet.

Live blogs were cool back in 2006 when streaming video wasn’t as common. You were able to keep up with the event as if you were there, sort of. It’s 2011 and we’re still reading someones 80 WPM paraphrased version. Perhaps there’s just some sort of rule which outlaws any video to be taken. But notice how a day or two after the announcement, a video is uploaded to Apple’s website. What’s the point when all the new gadgets and gadgetry have already been unveiled? I don’t know about you, but who wants to watch something that’s been spoiled by a crappy live blog? No one. If Apple is such a stickler on who’s to film what, why can’t they stream it themselves? They’ve got enough power to bring a moving picture to everyone’s computer screen for an hour.



Don’t get me started on the liveblogs themselves. You’d think the technology for a page to refresh on its own would be perfected by now since it’s used so often. Well, that’s not the case. Here I am, reloading the damn page because the picture of Tim Cook is staring deep into my soul and it’s making me uncomfortable. The reader is also given confusing errors and left in the dust because of it. You’d think that the auto-fresh option, which is offered by many blogs, would help alleviate this problem. Nope. It’s actually worse than just refreshing yourself. Let it reload by itself, and you’ll begin to see errors like the one below.



Fine. Call me a perfectionist, anal or some other adjective that plays along those lines. But don’t you think technical difficulties for something that doesn’t include video or sound is a little bit ridiculous? Essentially it’s one big chat room that everyone can see. Hopefully by the time Apple unveils the new iPad 4, we’ll be able to get a glimpse of our “Christmas presents”. Until then, let’s try to enjoy our liveblog stocking full of coal.

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