Facebook To Pass One Billion Users In 2012. Make Sure Grandma’s On-board!

Posted by on January 12, 2012 at 5:13 pm

Can you recall those halcyon days when social networking was just for you and your friends? Back when you’d put up those ultra-zesty pictures of you at parties you’d just been to while sharing embarrassing secrets about things you really shouldn’t have done? While some can get away with it still, it’s the gentle notion that Facebook will approach a billion users this year that reminds us who’s using the service: everyone.

And it’s not just that your parents that have hopped on Facebook, it’s your co-workers, childhood friends you haven’t talked to in fifteen years, it’s the guy down the street who changed your oil at the Jiffy Lube, it’s, yes, your grandparents, too. If Facebook is ever surpassed, it won’t be by a similar product like Google+, it’ll be something that totally disrupts the space. Facebook has been far more successful than MySpace or Friendster ever were. Mark Zuckerberg threw down the gauntlet early on by requiring you to use your name and to be authentic as possible in sharing information through Facebook. It’s that strong foundation that has made it ubiquitous and friendly for everyone. And it’s not just here in the States, it’s worldwide as well, a lot of growth can be contributed to countries experiencing Arab Spring revolutions in the past year and a half, using it to collaborate and relate. Just to show it’s here to stay: more than half of all Facebook users use it on a daily basis.

I for one welcome our new social network overlords.

Source: Business Insider

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