Google Project Glass Demo – The Live Event…Also, Price Announced…Sorta.

Posted by on June 27, 2012 at 1:02 pm

DO…WANT!!! The glasses, too…

I’ve just finished up watching the Google Glass portion of the Google I/O 2012 event. I’m finding it really hard to put into words what I think of this technology and the demo they threw together so I’m just going to quote what I said to the other guys from FEZ…

“I’ve pissed myself 14 times since 11:00”

That was at 11:29.

The demo was pretty insane. They had a group of psychopathic individuals skydive, wearing those crazy glider suits, flying around and landing on the top of a building. From there, they had a group of bicyclers doing all kinds of whacky flips and other shenanigans while they rode across the building to get to another group of lunatics, who proceeded to rappel off the building, meeting another group of bicyclers who then rode into the conference center.

Of course, all of this was being streamed in first person, from the various maniacs who were performing these feats of madness, via their Google glasses.

Once this all finished up and everyone involved got into the convention center, they started the discussion of the product and went through all of the features and functionality they’ve managed to accomplish and are still working on. A lot of this was design and use philosophy, where they talked about why the device is built and positioned the way it is – namely, to be out of the way.

The demo and slides they showed were all pretty impressive, though I would have liked to see more live stuff going on, but then they dropped the bomb.

They will be releasing a preview version of the device to U.S. based attendees of the I/O conference, with a price tag attached. Of course, this price tag doesn’t necessarily reflect the figure which will be attached to the final release of the device but we can at least hope it won’t go UP.

$1500.00 (US). That’s the announced cost of what, in my eyes (see what I did there?) may be the greatest piece of technology proposed in our lifetimes.

Yeah…I’ll own them on release day.

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