LG’s Rumored Nexus Phone Is Delightfully Bland

Posted by on October 11, 2012 at 3:30 pm

You think that backing is supposed to impress me?

More and more information’s leaking about the latest version of Google’s Nexus line of phones. The Android company has stated that they will have ‘several’ phones in their Nexus arsenal this year, but the rumor mill has only physically produced one, a model by LG with a “with Google” moniker on the back. Unfortunately, the more I see of the rumored-to-be-imminently-announced device, the less I want.

For those unaware, Nexus phones are essentially Google’s own phones, mostly untouched by carrier forces, although some sacrifices need to be made. You get stock Android – in the case of this new LG Nexus, it appears to be Jelly Bean – without all the disruptive additions and skins from carriers or the manufacturers themselves. The Nexus devices aren’t known for sales, except for maybe the Nexus 7 tablet, but rather for their implied Android purity.

This latest rumored LG device sports a 4.7″ screen, a powerful processor and 2GB of RAM, but from the pictures, it appears to only be slightly different in design from Samsung’s own Galaxy Nexus from last year. Then there’s the fact that it’s produced by LG, a company hardly known for high-quality hardware or software. If it’s the only Maybe with Google’s guiding, they’ll make their best phone yet: one untouched by their own influence.

Source: Onliner via The Verge

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