An iPhone User Switches to Android: Day One Troubles

Posted by on November 26, 2012 at 3:45 pm

I’m guessing he throws up the Apple because he can’t handle it.

Since 2008, I’ve been using an iPhone and have always liked it. After the iPhone 5 released I said I would be leaving the iPhone. Why? Because I want a bigger screen. I know this may be whiny, but don’t tell me a 4″ screen is perfect for me. Android had been averaging 4.5″ a greater and I wanted that. So I left AT&T and got the new HTC Droid DNA on Verizon.

Before smart phones, I always was using the latest hottest “smart” phone. These phones were powered by Windows Mobile and the last one I had was the HTC Touch Diamond. I’ve always been a huge fan of HTC and loved their GUI on top of the Windows phones I had. It’s only fitting I jump to Android on something familiar, HTC. Android users have always given me crap for having an iPhone so I thought moving to it would be smooth and that I would fall in love with it. How have I ever lived before this, type of thing. That’s not the case. Android has some major usability issues that I feel should be standard. I thought most of these features were lacking compared to Android. Nope.

The first thing I did with my phone was import contacts. This was easy enough, upload the vcard to my Google account and sync. Done. The next thing I wanted to do was set up email on my phone. I have seven email accounts (1 exchange, 2 Gmail, 1 Hotmail & 3 IMAP) that I use regularly. On the iPhone there is one email app. When setting up the email I have an option for Exchange, POP3/IMAP, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL & Yahoo!

My main Gmail account was set up by default, the other is a Google apps account that I added through Gmail, I set up my Exchange account up in the HTC email app and that’s where I got confused. Why am I using two apps for this and how do I get a unified inbox? After searching I found other people asking the same question in forums and people responding, saying to use the multiple apps. That’s not productive at all, why would I do that? Nick & my co-workers both tried brushing it off, like that’s how it is and started excuses.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. After hearing everything on how my iPhone does this because Apple wants me to do it a certain way came to be the same thing in Android.

So I was told not to use the standard app that came on my DNA and to download one from the Play store. I’m sorry but why should I have to do that and no. I don’t want to install an app that I don’t know. Hey, here is my Exchange user/pass, I have remote privileges and those are the same credentials so have access to my network. Seriously? What I finally did was use the built in email app and setup my Gmail and Hotmail (selecting Hotmail was an option but it wouldn’t work) accounts up as Exchange after finding the settings online.

So now that I finally have my email set up it’s time to check it. On the iPhone, you see the entire message, zoomed out. This is how I expected it especially on a 1920 x 1080 display. That doesn’t happen, I have to scroll right. The text is stacked up in one column so there is really no point of scrolling right. I also can’t default to display images always, that’s the biggest issue for me. Now I know that isn’t Android’s fault as it’s more HTC’s fault but I think Android should come with an awesome all in one email app that has to come unaltered. This would make tech support even easier, I’ve dealt with people that their email doesn’t work on Android and every app I’ve seen is different.

The other big thing for me was visual voicemail or lack of it. Verizon has a visual voicemail app but they want to charge you $2.99/month for it. I don’t know if I would pay that or not but it would be so cool if that was built into the phone app so I don’t have to jump between apps. When I tried looking for an alternative to this whole thing people were saying to use Google Voice. I like Google Voice but am I seriously supposed to give people a different number than the one I just ported over so I have free voicemail? I know some people just use their Google voice number and this way they can have any device, I’m just not their yet.

Last thing I noticed was not being able to uninstall default apps. It gives me the uninstall option but when I drag it on and let got, there is no prompt telling me I can’t do that, it just doesn’t do anything. So what do I have to do? Go into the settings and disabled the app, what kind of shit is that?

SUPER FINAL THING. Verizon’s LTE commercial, the one where they are showing charts and people are like, Verizon is just, more. Nick, who is on Verizon also, kept boasting about LTE, this and LTE that. I’m getting the same speed at my house with Verizon that I was getting with AT&T. In the city, my LTE speeds are only about 12MB up and down. It’s not like live in a small city, it’s Colorado Springs, the second largest city in Colorado. Verizon, come fix this!

I’ll be back to update you on my transition after a week.

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