‘YouTube Shutting Down’ And ‘Smell Your Search Results’ From Google’s April Fools’ 2013

Posted by on March 31, 2013 at 8:14 pm
Early April Fools from Google!

Early April Fools from Google!

It’s not even April 1st and we’re already seeing the jokes come in from around the world. YouTube has announced that it has finally received enough submissions for the best video in the world and will be shutting down at midnight to start the process of finding a winner.

The site plans to reopen in 2023 with just the winning video showing for all to see. The video stars YouTube celebs as well as people from your favorite viral videos explaining how they knew it was a giant contest. The winner? $500 and a clip-on MP3 player. Of course, this is just an April Fools’ joke, but they maybe have done it so cleverly and pulled the trigger so early that it may have some people fooled for just a little bit.

Google has also released theirs early and this time it stinks, literally. Google Nose Beta will let you search based on smells, even letting you smell the things you search for. They claim this can be done by using a combination of visual and audio patterns to align molecules to emulate the smell. Ready to try it out? Clicking on the link takes you to a random search result. Amazingly, it worked and I got to smell a used napkin, garlic breath and waffles. I’m kidding, but it’s funny to see them take it this far. In the past few years, they’ve actually said it was an April Fools’ Joke when you clicked the link for more information. Check it out for yourself.

Let’s not even start about Gmail Blue or The YouTube Collection.

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