Mars One Opens Astronaut Registration, Expects 1M People To Apply For One-Way Trip

Posted by on April 16, 2013 at 3:07 pm
These little huts could be your residence for the rest of your life!

These little huts could be your residence for the rest of your life!

You’re strapped in a ship on a seven-month journey to Mars. You’re at the peak of your fitness, the most expert of your expertise and along with your three teammates, you’re shepherding the first equipment to found the first Martian colony. It’s a $6 billion bill for the whole ticket and you’re being filmed the entire time because your participation will be the basis of a reality show back home. Home, Earth, a place you’ll never see with your own eyes again because, this is a one-way trip.

If I were any of the things that Mars One was asking for, you bet I’d be well on my way to submitting an application to be part of their astronaut corps. The group, which is still shy the funding to proceed with the expedition(s) is requiring a submission fee of $25 maximum to go along with your audition tape. As planned, the first voyage will begin in 2023 and new crews will arrive every two years to build on the colony. This all sounds like science fiction fantasy because none of the equipment, training, or much of anything really has been cast in the firm metal we call ‘reality’, but with your paid application, maybe we can get there.


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