China Will Build World’s Tallest Building In 90 Days Using Pre-Fab Tech. Scary.

Posted by on May 24, 2013 at 3:59 pm
...and watch as it falls right over.

…and watch as it falls right over.

Skyscrapers. Impressive structures that technology and untold wealth have turned into icons of architecture. Whether One World Trade Center, Taipei 101 or Burj Khalifa, we just love the darn goofy things and the idea that we can build them higher and higher without much practical reasoning. China’s Broad Group wants to build the world’s tallest inhabited structure using little more than its pre-fabricated modules to pave the way, calling it Sky City. Does that sound scary to anyone else?

To date, the Broad Group hasn’t built a structure taller than 30 stories with its pre-fabricated components. The hotel below was built in just over 15 days, but Broad reportedly spent two years building all the pieces that brought it together. Broad wants to go even bigger than ever with a 200-story structure that will be completed before the end of the year using similar pre-fab components. Three big issues come to mind:

1) Building is ugly as sin. To their credit, it’s designed to be environmentally friendly and withstand up to a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, but man, does it have a complete lack of character.

2) Everyone doubts they’re taking extra consideration in regards to using stronger materials at its base. A 200-story building is a lot heavier than a 30-story one and those base pillars must sustain all of that extra weight. If you’ve ever built anything large with LEGOs, you realize that different components begin to sag after a period of time because the plastic isn’t designed to handle that kind of burden. Or, just make a stack of LEGOs really tall, then watch as it crooks and bends. There’s a reason why the Burj Khalifa cost $5+ billion and five years to make.

3) No one will use it. China is building these things for the sake of building them. Do they really need another ghastly monument to their vastly under-utilized productivity?

If it must be done, for the sake of China, do it right, guys.

Source: The Verge

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