Google Stops Payments To Argentinian Android Developers Indefinitely

Posted by on May 24, 2013 at 5:12 pm
Uh, too bad.

Uh, too bad.

Even if you’re a struggling app developer on Android, you can thank your lucky stars you’re not one in Argentina. Google has just informed all developers there that they’re going to cease all customer payments to the store on June 27th. For those who think they can simply release a free app with IAPs (in-app purchases), think again because those are out the window, too. But you can still give away your app. That’s no big deal.

The news came in a sudden e-mail to app developers informing them of the new terms and their last day of payment, which will be July 22. After that, their app will be de-listed. Google didn’t explain why, but my hunch is that there’s some regulatory thing going on between Google and Argentina. Google told developers that if they can re-register in another country, they can still receive a payout, but from here on out, indefinitely, all apps in Argentina’s Google Play store are free. Well, come June 27th.

Source: Cellularis via Hacker News

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