Klout Adds “Experts”; It’s Like Quora, But Weirder

Posted by on May 8, 2013 at 4:06 pm
It's all about the questions. Answering them all!

It’s all about the questions. Answering them all!

If you’re still scratching your head, wondering what the point of Klout is, amen!, we’re in the same boat. By plugging in your identity from various networks, Klout gives you a “Score” based on your contributions. If you plug in your Facebook and have no friends, you won’t see much of a bump compared to someone who has a lot of friends and is constantly getting likes and attention. If your score is high enough, you’re even eligible for sponsor-provided Perks because you’re obviously that cool talking about whatever. How does the Score even work? I don’t know, no one knows. Does it even mean anything? No one knows!

So today I get an e-mail to try out their new Experts feature. It’s… well, interesting.

Unlike Quora, which seems to be hailed as the question and answer forum of Tech Academia, answering questions on Klout seems off considering the service’s bizarre way it conducts business. Unlike Quora, there’s a bit more reward – if only for some potential Klout score – in answering questions from a series of self-assigned categories (although they provide some suggestions so you’re not completely lost, like I would’ve been). As the questions become available, you get to ask them. I like answering questions on Quora, but when you feel qualified to do so, it’s a proactive thing. Here, Klout feeds them to you.

It seems like an interesting hook, so let’s see how long my interest lasts. I just have to stop answering… these questions…

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