Whisper Is Instagram Plus Anonymity And Now On Android

Posted by on May 16, 2013 at 6:51 pm
It can get pretty heavy up in Whisper.

It can get pretty heavy up in Whisper.

When arrived out of nowhere a few years ago, I pored over page after page of anonymous tales for hours on end. Reading candid confessions from mundane to criminal was fascinating and voyeruristic and strange and exciting. As the site got popular (which wasn’t long) the stories became too outrageous to believe so I lost interest. Whisper, an anonymous social networking app that debuted just a few months ago on iOS is now landing on Android. So, like, what is it?

Whisper is so simple that it’s borderline crazy that people didn’t think of it earlier. Setting up a new account takes moments and it doesn’t like to any existing accounts or your e-mail. Your name is randomly generated and you set a 4-digit PIN as a password before you can post. You don’t follow anyone, they don’t follow you, but you can message others and vice-versa, again, anonymously. (Apparently, expanding your inbox is where Whisper makes their money.)

Then the magic happens. A stream of anonymous confessions and unfolds appears before you like a condensed Instagram feed. At first glance at the app and the “confessions” going up, it appears this is entirely run by women, which isn’t unfair since that’s how my Instagram feed looks, too. There’s definitely some overlap here, at least in my circles. If you have something interesting to say, then posting a whisper is simple, too.. You can pick one pick one from your personal stash or search for one, then place 200 characters worth of text on top. If people pick it up, you get a saccharine chime as a notification. I can see it being addictive, but I confessed everything about myself in two moves and now I may never get attention again.

Anyway, it’s free, go download it, if only to read what other people have to say. Be the voyeur, it’s not weird this time.

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