Site Update for March

Posted by on March 14, 2011 at 1:22 am

Hey! Just wanted to give a really quick update on what’s happening at FleshEatingZipper. First things first you may have noticed this new “Break Room” section where we will post updates, announcements and anything else that doesn’t fit what we normally talk about.

Second thing is we’ve updated how our reviews look. When you look on most pages and scroll down on the sidebar you will see our last 10 reviews as well as our score. The second part is we changed up the graphics for the reviews at the bottom of each review.

Last but definitely not least we purchased a small gaming news site, Latest Gaming Info. There won’t be anything published on that site and all the articles now redirect to FleshEatingZipper so welcome aboard if you are coming from that site!

If you have any suggestions please contact us by email or giving us a call @ 202-670-9660!

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