Rob’s Take On The Casey Anthony Verdict

Posted by on July 6, 2011 at 1:03 pm

Well, the internet is just buzzing away with screams about the not-guilty verdict handed down, yesterday, in Casey Anthony’s murder trial. People are completely shocked with the fact that she was acquitted of the murder of her daughter, Caylee, and only found guilty of 4 counts of providing false information to the police (which could net her as much as a year in jail and have her out on the street immediately with credit for time served. She will be back in court for sentencing on Thursday.).

There have even been death threats posted on Facebook and other sites.

I remember another trial, from years past, which got the same kind of reaction : O.J. Simpson.

If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit!

Yeah, people had a raging shit hissy when he got acquitted, too. All kinds of activist groups were up in arms, people were whining and complaining all over the place and the news services were lit up from here to next St. Patty’s Day with people, jaws agape, questioning how he could have been found innocent.

And here we go again.

For the next month or so people will be talking about how they KNOW Casey Anthony killed her daughter. They watched every single minute of the trial (get a life, plz) and they just KNOW she killed Caylee. They’ve searched every corner of the interwebs and looked at all of the evidence and they are absolutely convinced that she did this thing.

Now I’m going to say the same basic thing I did back when O.J. was acquitted; You weren’t there, you don’t know.

I’ll say it again

You weren’t there, you don’t know.

There’s only one person on this planet who knows, with absolute certainty, if Casey Anthony killed Caylee Anthony. There’s only one person on this planet who knows, with absolute certainty, if Casey Anthony snuffed out that little girl’s life and then took steps to cover up the crime. There’s only one person on this planet who knows, with absolute certainty, if Casey Anthony formulated some cockamamie story about Caylee drowning in order to cover up an incredibly heinous and terrible crime.

That one person is Casey Anthony.

I’d like everyone to keep in mind the most basic of legal principles; the fact that, in our modern legal system, the accuser has the burden of proof. To break that down and clarify it, what that means is that the person or persons accusing someone of a crime or misdeed (in this case, the prosecution) must gather and provide enough irrefutable evidence to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the accused person is guilty of the crime for which they are being tried.

If the accuser is not able to satisfy their burden of proof then the jury must, by legal mandate, find the accused not guilty of the crime or misdeed for which they have been accused and relieve them of any judgment.

This is exactly what happened here. The prosecution did not have enough evidence to prove to the jury, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Casey Anthony killed her daughter or had any culpability in her death – that is to say that she neither killed her nor caused her death. Since the prosecution was unable to provide that evidence then we must, as a society, accept that Casey Anthony is innocent and allow her to carry on with her life.

Now, before the shit storm hits – Do I believe Casey Anthony is guilty? Nope. Do I believe Casey Anthony is innocent? Nope. To be quite honest, I haven’t seen enough data or been provided with enough information to make a call, either way. I don’t KNOW if she did it, or not. I wasn’t there. I didn’t see what happened. None of us did and in the absence of direct, personal knowledge of what took place in Caylee Anthony’s final moments it was the duty of the prosecution to tell the story of her death in a way which would leave no doubt.

They failed.

So that’s that. Take from this what you will. The end of this story is simply that none of us know what happened and since we don’t know we can’t judge.

That being said, set your drama dials back to maximum and have at it. I know you want to.

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