9-11-01 – Ten Years Later

Posted by on September 11, 2011 at 12:29 pm

So…Here were are…The tenth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Funny, that…Any time you ask about what happened on 9-11-01, people always say “Terrorists blew up the World Trade Center” or “The World Trade Center got attacked by terrorists flying planes”. Even if you do a search on Google, you come up with top results like “Terrorist Attack: World Trade Center on September 11”.

There’s almost no mention of the attack on the Pentagon or United Airlines flight 93, which went down in Pennsylvania.

American Airlines Flight 77 – Which struck the Pentagon, had 59 civilians on it. All of them died when the plane struck the Pentagon, also killing 125 people inside.

United Airlines Flight 93 had 40 civilians aboard when it went down just outside of Shanksville, Pa. after the passengers attempted to take back the airplane.

Somehow, those victims always seem to get left out.

There’s been a memorial being built for years, at “ground zero” in New York – The site of the World Trade Center attacks. That memorial opens today, September 11, 2011. There’s been a memorial open at the site of the Pentagon attacks for 3 years, now – Since September 11, 2008. Oddly, there’s only a temporary memorial at the site of the Flight 93 crash and they’re just now getting around to breaking ground on a permanent memorial.

The reflecting pools at Ground Zero, as seen at 10:27 AM MST, September 11, 2011. Each reflecting pool has the names of the victims inscribed on parapets surrounding it.
The parapets at ground zero, in Manhattan. Photo by the National September 11 Memorial & Museum


The Pentagon memorial. Each of these “benches” has a small pool of water beneath it and the name of a victim of the Pentagon attack inscribed on it.

I don’t want to sound like I’m going off on a rant here because I’m not. I’m also not going to go in to the typical “America, Fuck-Yeah!” speech because this is so NOT about that, it would be like talking about light bulbs. I just find it a bit disappointing that only 10 years after the single most devastating attack, ever, against Americans – on American soil, no less – we seem to have lost our way again (Ok, we lost it a long time ago but it’s really obvious at this point).

I remember when every house in America was flying the American flag and people were completely united. When anywhere you went would have some form of memorial or token to commemorate the nearly 3000 innocent leves taken that day. Now, most Americans I know don’t even know that Russia gave us a memorial which stands now, here, in the U.S. in New Jersey. Mostly, when I ask people about it they just say “Lol, Commies”.

From our Russian friends. The mural reads “To The Struggle Against World Terrorism”.

I think I’ve gotten away from my point a little bit here so, please, let me get this thing back on track.

It’s now September 11, 2011. 1 decade since 3000 innocent people were murdered in an act of terrorism so vile that even most terrorist organizations threw their hands up and said “You’re on your own on this one, Osama”. In those 10 years, we’ve been through a lot. We’ve seen a constant war – over 3500 days so far. We’ve seen new friends join the fight and old enemies reaching out to us. We’ve seen economic collapse. We’ve seen most of the world struggle to stay afloat in the marketplace.

What we haven’t seen, and will never see again, are the living faces of those 3000 innocent people whose lives were so callously snuffed out 10 years ago.

I’d like everyone to take a moment, at some point today, to reflect. Light a candle if that’s your thing. Pray if that’s your thing but take a break, take a breath and take a moment to remember the victims of 9-11.

When you’re finished with that, think of something you can do to make the world a little better to live in…Then do it.

Peace to you all.

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