Happy Halloween and Stuff, Right?

Posted by on October 31, 2011 at 2:51 pm

Today is that spooky day when you accidentally resurrect 3 witches while trying to impress your crush, wait that’s not right. It’s when you find a magical place that is filled with Christmas joy and you want to bring some of that joy to your town, no that’s not it either. It’s the day you are home alone and someone calls you for a survey about scary movies, shit, I’m not good at this.

It’s the day you go to work then come home and give out just one piece of candy per kid, and not the good stuff either, then eat the other 3 lbs of candy by yourself that night while you flip between Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street until you go into a sugar coma. Then you wake up just in time to go to work but everything seems off, women are staring at you, you got a raise, won the lottery, told your boss off and then you wake up!

It was only a dream, your life is still boring, lay off the candy fatty.

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