FleshEatingZipper: Now With Facebook Comments!

Posted by on January 4, 2012 at 8:13 am

A few months ago, we had a debate internally about switching our comments system. We’d been using Disqus for the past year and we all initially loved it because it allowed for an easy log in from a variety of sources. But as time marched on and the articles began to aggregate comments more and more, there were some flaws that started to poke through. The biggest argument against implementing the Facebook system was a lack of anonymity. If you posted in one of our articles, you were posting as yourself. Now bear in mind, we came from TeamXbox in which we danced around in virtual identities, but this was something so very different: we were going to be putting ourselves on display. Our real selves. Tonight we’re implementing the new Facebook comments system. Here’s why.

John Gabriel’s Internet Dickwad Theory. Yes, it was easier to use Disqus and log in from a variety of services because even so, you never had to display your true identity. As our articles became more popular, we just more and more crappy posts and cheap, vulgar shots toward other commentators or the author themselves. Being a site called FleshEatingZipper, we’re not really irritated by the comments themselves, but rather the fact that they were detracting. Any anonymous jerk could sneak in with a crappy name or racial slur and just post stupid garbage. Despite some noble attempts at conversation and debate, they were often bogged down by the truly awful swarm of idiocy. With Facebook comments, we now have accountability. Sure, we may get less comments overall, but they’ll hopefully be better because the jerk who makes a crappy comment has his real name sprayed all over it, possibly their picture, too. We want our comments section to be a great place for you and Facebook Comments is a big step toward that.

We wanted to promote community. We have some loyal fans on our site and we wanted to reward them by creating the aforementioned “utopian comment section” and allow people to have fruitful ventures by posting regularly. We want to create conversations between real people for or against the points of our articles, rather than a sniper gallery for the most crude. We hope you’ll be one of those people.

Anyway, being that this is The Year Of FleshEatingZipper, we wanted this to be a big, first step toward making our site so much better for you, our readers. So, comment away!

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