It’s FleshEatingZipper’s First Birthday!

Posted by on January 29, 2012 at 9:27 pm

It’s hard to believe, but a year ago today we posted our very first article. It’s been a long and storied road since then and we’ve certainly made an impression in that time while making friends and (I suppose) making a few foes as well. The Truth Hurts, our tagline, represents our mission: you don’t have to like what we post, we’re posting it anyway. It seems kinda hard to imagine a world without FleshEatingZipper at this point…

Technicalities being what they will, FEZ was actually founded on January 24th, 2011. In much the same way that all our podcasts started – we’d been running them for a year before that night – we hopped on Skype to talk business. We were producing a weekly show for a new gaming web site that wasn’t going anywhere. The owners had put up the place after the big TeamXbox exodus and then failed to do anything with it. So we trucked on thinking that they’d finally take the reins and lead the charge, but that never came. Down, but not out, we finally settled on a proposal that had been on the table for months: just do our own thing.

The site would be based on a domain that Johnny had had for some time,, but had no time to put into it. From there, the ideas flew quickly. We focused on a red motif right off the bat and I kicked out a concept logo, a glimpse of what could’ve been:

Bizarre, right? That wasn’t flying very high, but we did decide to use the Impact font ironically. Rather than a wordmark, the logo needed a character, known until the redesign as ‘Zipper Dude’. While everyone complained about dropping off (we’d already been on the call for several hours already), I eventually gave them the piece that we’re all familiar with.

We had a few more chats, but the work was on Kelly, who was in charge of building the site. Working over the week, he managed to hunker together a quick version of our site, based on WordPress (the CMS we currently use). It was primitive, but it was quick. The site was delivered on January 29th, where we began to chip in articles immediately. The first official FEZCast followed a few days later. This was our site after only a week and a half of operation:

We’ve talked before about how grateful we are to our fans for allowing us to keep writing and building this site, but we cannot stress it enough. Thank you! Now everyone have some cake!

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