Welcome To The New FleshEatingZipper!

Posted by on January 1, 2012 at 3:00 am

As much as we’ve loved our website, for 2012, we decided we need to build something that was really made for us. The old shell you’ve been looking at for the past year was assembled hastily over a weekend and despite all the wonderful value our articles have brought, we know that YOU NEED MORE and WE WILL GIVE YOU MORE! For starters, go grab the 1920x1080p wallpaper version of our 2012 wallpaper for your own desktop right here, then carry on to see what we’ve changed!

1. It Looks Super Slick!

That’s right, we ditched the dark, Newgrounds-ian pre-2005 site for something bright and appealing, which is somewhat ironic considering we’re a fierce, biting zipper with fierce, biting commentary! Cody Meyer designed our new zipper dude, which we’ve appropriate named Rasputin because HE CANNOT DIE.

2. Comics!

Speaking of resident illustrator Cody and writers Johnny and Rob, we have a pair of new weekly comics that are launching RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT for you guys. Enjoy!

3. Off-Grid Articles and new Article view!

You’ve already noticed a few pop up already, but we’ve added a new category to our editorials: Off-Grid. This covers stuff that’s not already covered by Gaming, Tech, or Entertainment and isn’t site-related stuff like our Break Room. Look here for random articles about anything! Also, we changed up how articles look and it’s only going to look better here soon! You’ll also be able to see, from the front page, which category an article is in as well as who wrote it with our stamped on imagery! You’re gonna love it!

4. Mobile Version!

Uh, well, that’s still, we’re working on that…

5. Super Cool New Search Filter!

Aside from the cool drop-down animation that Kelly did, you can now search for our articles in their respective categories! (This literally took half of the new site’s development time.)


There’s still plenty to come and we’re going to be doing some major tweaks over the next week as we update various pages and add new ones. Stay tuned because we have a lot in store for you in 2012! Check out the video below that chronicles the very intense few seconds as we finished the site!

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  • Johnny

    Love the N’Sync song in the background…

  • Lucy Ricardo

    Looks totally cool!