Welcome The Latest Additions To The FleshEatingZipper Staff: Cody And Russell!

Posted by on June 19, 2012 at 8:39 am

Today, we want some familiar faces to become more familiar faces. You’ve seen some of their work lately, but you may not know who they were. Well, let’s put this mystery to rest by meeting the latest and greatest additions to the team!

Cody (left) is FleshEatingZipper’s resident illustrator. He’s done up all of our portraits (including the ones above) and draws all of our comics. On the side, he’s even jotted out a few game reviews. I’ve known him since art school and his gift at illustration is second to none.

Russell (right) is FleshEatingZipper’s dedicated movie reviewer. You may have read some of his work. I’ve been a big fan of his love for the medium while he posted most of his content up on web forums, we wanted to be sure his work had an audience.

Welcome (well, formally!) both of you! The bathroom is on the right down the hall…

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