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Posted by on February 7, 2013 at 9:37 pm
What's been going on at FleshEatingZipper? We'll tell you!

What’s been going on at FleshEatingZipper? We’ll tell you!

Well, folks, it’s been a while since we’ve really dropped much of an update on you guys so I figured it’s time we let you in on a little of what’s been going on and some of the things which are still to come here at FEZ.

From partnerships to sponsorships, we’ve got some cool news about recent events and then we’ve got some announcements of some stuff that’s going to happen in the near future which is sure to rock some socks.

So here’s what’s been happening over the last few months.

First, there was a thing I had to remove from the article because apparently it’s super secret, hush-hush, spyspook stuff. Which doesn’t make sense because…well…it doesn’t and you’ll know why when you know what it is.

After the super secret spyspook stuff happened, we found ourselves involved with a really cool group of gamers who call themselves The Sons of Odin and were heavily involved in beta testing Planetside 2. We got to know them a little and then extended the offer of a sponsorship. They mulled it over for about .4 nanoseconds and then agreed that it would be for the good of everyone and went ahead and got on board. We are now working with them toward spreading into a number of other games and eventually scoring a spot in Major League Gaming. Of course that is a while in to the future but we’re going to push on in that direction and let the good times roll, in the process. Here’s a video of them kicking some ass!

We’ve also been working with more and more P.R. people, to make sure that we get ahold of all of the breaking news, while it’s HOT, so we can keep all of you firmly in the loop on all of the happenings in the gaming, tech and entertainment worlds.

So what’s coming up for FEZ? Well, we have some really cool stuff that we’d like to tell you about!

First up, we’re consolidating our offices, which will put 4 of the 5 of us in Phoenix. That is going to give us the ability to bring you guys more of the content you already love, along with some entirely new stuff you’ve never seen from FleshEatingZipper before.

We got ourselves some new toys, learned how to use them, and starting in March, we’re going to be bringing you a whole new weekly feature in the form of live streamed shows which will air on and, most likely, ustream. We’ll also be publishing all of the video archives to Youtube so nobody will ever have to miss one if their wife lops off a finger while cutting turkey or their dog keels over from eating an entire bag of raisinettes.

The video casts will rotate formats and will feature lots of cool things like breaking news, reviews, information, lots of community interaction and, of course, BOOZE! We’re in the process of building out the studio now but coming NEXT MONTH (gosh it’s SO close), we’ll be pulling the trigger on this thing.

And in just a few short months, we’ll be leaving the nest and heading off to E3 2013. Somehow they decided to let us back in after all of the shenanigans we pulled there last year, so we’re going to go back and get even crazier this year, heading into ultra classified secret squirrel meetings with all of the developers and publishers, playing games, doing interviews, flirting with the booth bunnies, scaring the media relations people half to death, causing a ruckus and shooting a feature length documentary…because we CAN!

(The feature length documentary will feature a LOT less of Nick’s creepy laugh, I promise)

And we’ll be doing live shows every evening from our beautiful suite, where we’ll be talking about all the things that went on during the day’s events so you will all be able to get super fresh information, right from our E3-addled minds. You’ll also be able to see our physical and mental states deteriorate on a daily basis, so that’ll be a lot of fun, too!

In addition, we have a lot of other stuff that we’re working on behind the scenes and cant’ talk to you about yet but make sure you keep checking back in because we’ve got some really cool things coming up and you’re not going to want to miss ANY of them.


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