Nick’s 2011 Podcast Roundup!

Posted by on January 30, 2011 at 5:42 pm

Sure, we produce some great podcasts here at FleshEatingZipper, but it’s not as if we don’t have our own favorites from other sites (whatever those are). Here’s what’s in my weekly podcast rotation!

Giant Bombcast

Covers: Gaming
Hosts: Ryan Davis, Jeff Gerstmann, Brad Shoemaker, Vinny Caravella
Length: ~2.5 hours/Tuesdays
Synopsis: The Giant Bomb guys, mostly Gamespot vets, are encyclopedic in their gaming knowledge and other, completely random anecdotes. From impressions on new games to general banter about the industry, I respect these guys’ opinions and love this podcast.

Behind the Screened Door

Covers: Movies, TV, and other junk
Hosts: Alex Navarro, Matt Rorie
Length: ~1.5 hours/Mondays
Synopsis: Another Whiskey Media podcast (like Giant Bomb), this podcast and its site are relatively new to the scene and while they don’t have quite the embedded knowledge that decades of viewership grants someone like Ebert or McCarthy, they’re still an enjoyable listen.

Engadget Podcast

Covers: Tech and gadgets
Hosts: Joshua Topolsky, Paul Miller, Nilay Patel
Length: ~1.5 hours/Fridays
Synopsis: If you like talking or learning about the latest in tech trends, these hipsters are hilarious. Joshua Topolsky’s dry humor sets a great tone for chats about Android fragmentation, tablets, iPhones, and other gadgets.

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