Movie Review: The Mechanic – Firing On All Cylinders?

Posted by on January 31, 2011 at 6:51 pm

The Mechanic

The latest Jason Statham action flick came out a few days ago and I had a chance to give it a look. A remake of the 1972 film starring Charles Bronson and Jan Michael Vincent, this film follows the same basic plot line as its predecessor.

I’m not going to spoil anything in this review so feel free to read on. What I am going to do is say that this movie took a long time to get started…a REALLY long time…and by the time it finally got revved up, my battery was nearly dead.

I’ve already told you that it’s a basic overhaul of the original, albeit supercharged with modern effects and and a sporty, new feel. Unfortunately, the update falls a little short of taking the checkered flag in the Action Movie 500.

ok…enough lame car jokes.

The movie has Jason Statham playing the part of a “mechanic” who, in this case, is a highly trained assassin type who specializes in “taking care of problems” (I thought that’s what people who kill other people for money always did?) ANYWAY, he gets up to some shenanigans which lead to some more shenanigans and then some gun-play and an explosion or two but, like I said, it just never really got going…it just sort of limped along.

The bottom line is that this isn’t much more than a decent action movie, at best. I wanted to like it because I am a bit of a Jason Statham fan but I just couldn’t manage to get in to it. It was just too slow and left me feeling like someone had taken me for a ride in a top fuel drag car that had been topped off with shitty convenience store gas.

So I’ll say: Give this one a pass…It may leave you feeling a bit flat.


6/10 FleshEatingZipper

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