Your Move, Hollywood

Posted by on January 30, 2011 at 3:50 pm

They say the economy in India will surpass the U.S. economy in less than three decades. If the clip below from last year’s huge Bollywood release “Robot” is any indication, they’re ready to show Michael Bay and James Cameron how big-budget cheese is really done. If this is what they can do with a $32.5 million budget, I want to see what they do with $200 million. Betcha it’ll be better than blue people. Video after the break!

Don’t even act like this isn’t the most awesome thing you’ve ever seen. It’s like they plugged directly into the minds of every 9 year-old boy who ever melted his Transformers, smashed his Matchbox cars, and blew up his GI Joe action figures with firecrackers.

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  • Narafed

    It’s like Indian Terminator… weird.