Christina Aguilera Gets Her Ass Kicked By The National Anthem

Posted by on February 6, 2011 at 11:18 pm

Ahhhh, the national anthem. A song that is heard at the beginning of every major sporting event in the United States and is recognized all over the world. The song is notoriously hard to perform because of the major octave changes (The words “red glare” in the middle and the upper half of the word “free” at the end are a full octave and a half above the word “say” in the beginning) yet for some reason, performer after performer seems to want to embellish with over the top vibrato and pitch changes instead of focusing on the things that matter most; namely, singing IN KEY and getting the words right.

Tonight, at the Super Bowl, Christina Aguilera failed on both counts.

If you pay attention to her performance, it is very obvious that the following occurs:

1) Her voice cracks several times
2) She embellishes WAY too much (The music the poem was put to wasn’t intended to be performed like that)
3) She sang the same line twice…Christina Aguliera doesn’t like ramparts!
4) She was unable to make the octave change on the word “free”
5) She went all Janis Joplin status toward the end

Now, I’m not saying I could do any better but, come on…she’s supposed to be a professional performer and she can’t manage to sing a 2 minute song properly? And not just ANY 2 minute song – I mean, it’s not like she was singing the theme to the fucking Care Bears, here – but the frigging NATIONAL ANTHEM!

I bet if she went in to that song and just belted it out the way it was originally intended, without all the R&B flair and super-pop pitch changes, and if she’d actually read the words before she grabbed the mic, she would have done a MUCH better job.

Francis Scott Key is spinning in his grave, right now.

Like a blender on “annihilate”.

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  • Anonymous

    It is one of the worst things I’ve heard. Aguilera’s a washed up pop star as-is, but why is there a tendency amongst female vocalists to over-sing this song? Criminy.

  • I don’t have any idea why they do it. The only thing I know is that it’s annoying as hell. It’s the Star Spangled Banner, not American Idol.

  • She’s never singing at my wedding. It sounded alot like a bunch of high, low notes and screams stringed together.

    • Yeah, definitely sounded like someone stepping on a cat.

      A cat who couldn’t sing.

  • haha

  • “Like a blender on annihilate”, EPIC.