Redbox to Start Streaming, is Netflix Scared?

Posted by on February 21, 2011 at 3:23 pm

This is something I was talking with Nick about a few weeks ago. I have a Netflix subscription with the one DVD by mail. I don’t use the DVD by mail often, or ever, I still have a DVD out for the last few of months that I lost. But Redbox has a service that Netflix can’t deliver, giving me something right now when I am spontaneously craving a movie. With over a billion locations in my hometown (little bit of exaggeration) I just open the app and see what’s in stock at the locations near me. I click on the reserve button and go pick it up knowing that it’s waiting for me.The downside to Redbox currently is that everyone is transitioning to streaming media so in the next 5 years lets say Redbox will be obsolete and that’s why they are getting into the streaming business. How will this affect Netflix and their 20 million subscribers? I can’t really see people leaving Netflix, which is established and has good customer service, if they can only offer the same titles. If they are able to get all the Redbox rentals as streaming that’s a different story. I’m sure it will be priced about the same as Netflix.

If you use Netflix, what would get you to switch to Redbox?

[via LA Times]

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  • Johnny

    It depends on who has the movies. The whole point of streaming is so I don’t have to go out and get the movie via Redbox or my mailbox. If Netflix can keep the instant streaming list rich with content, they should be just fine.