Rob’s Netflix Top 10

Posted by on February 16, 2011 at 9:17 pm


Rob here with a new weekly feature, the Netflix top 10. I’ll be counting down the top 10 for the week and you’ll get to look at my sparkling face (and trying to hold down your lunch!).

List and video after the jump.

And for those of you who can’t stand to look at my ugly grill for 5 minutes, the list is below!

10 – Gran Torino
9 – Sherlock Holmes
8 – No Country for Old Men
7 – Iron Man
6 – The Hurt Locker
5 – The Departed
4 – The Blind Side
3 – The Bucket List
2 – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
1 – Crash

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  • Anonymous

    Crash is an awful, pretentious piece of garbage. That Taintlight peaked in the top 20 says little about people’s tastes…

    • I think you saw a different Crash, because that was a pretty good movie.

    • I think Taintlight only peaked in the top 20 because of subject matter. The fact that it contained vampires and this country has somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 million teenage girls in it certainly had a lot to do with that.

  • So when are we going to get a top ten moments from Taintlight, Rob?

    • You’re seriously entertaining the idea of being kicked to death with your own severed legs, aren’t you?

      • Hey, I know nothing of Taintlight other than it’s confusing title which makes me want to watch it the more.

        • I seem to remember something about Twilight…but worse.

          Bad…bad…very bad…

    • Anonymous

      I’ve actually seen Taintlight! We talked about it on some past podcast…

  • Dad

    This list is depressingly predictable. You don’t have any bad movies up there, aside from the Anything but Curious Case of Brad Pitt in a Rubber Suit. (This is not a repeat from 1988.)
    Where is the Top 10 movies that aren’t generic, safe, award-winning films?

    Where’s Days of Darkness? Where’s Scourge? Eyeborg? Lo? Zombies Anonymous? Mindwarp? There are so many better choices (and not just in the sci-fi/horror section, which I dig through a lot) that I can’t help but just sigh at this list and move on.

    • Well, this is just the standard top 10 fare. I suppose I could try to google ninja my way through finding the top 10 movies most like Mega Piranha…I’m not sure I’d want to sit through watching those to give my opinion, though :P

      • Dad

        I reckon my point is that this is a list of movies most everyone has already seen before they show up on Netflix. I come away from the article without a single new movie to watch. I was hoping you’d dug up some gems from the Netflix archives that were good to watch, but perhaps lesser known. Oh, and “Animals” is thinnly veiled soft porn pretending to be a werewolf movie. It has the Mossad guy from Lost in it. I’m wondering if he did this after Lost. I’m thinking ‘no’.

        • I wouldn’t agree that everyone has seen them but I get your point. I suppose if I were rich and famous and powerful I would get to make top 10 lists of movies that haven’t been released yet and astound everyone with my early-watcher status but we’re not quite there yet. And since Netflix doesn’t have a “Top 10 movies nobody’s watched yet” list, I’ll work with what I’ve got.

          Of course, if you have better ideas, we’d love to hear them!

          • Dad

            “Netflix Top 10 movies nobody’s watched yet”? Now that would be interesting to read. :-)