South Park Jihadist Sentenced To 25 Years Of Tender Loving

Posted by on February 25, 2011 at 1:31 am

Zachary Adam Chesser, (AKA Abu Talhah al-Amrikee) the man who threatened to kill South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone for depicting Mohammad in a bear suit gets to spend the next 25 years in federal prison.

MY WORD his butt is going to hurt.

Chesser was arrested on July 10, 2010, whilst attempting to board a flight to Uganda, with his son. He confessed that he was then going to travel to Somalia, where prosecutors alleged he intended on joining a “freedom fighters” organization called Al-Shabaab.

Chesser pled guilty in October to attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization, communicating terrorist threats and attempting to solicit the commission of acts of violence with the intent to desensitize law enforcement. Since his arrest he claims that he has renounced violence and is remorseful for what he did.

He was sentenced Thursday morning and will probably be a dear and loving wife by the end of next week.

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  • Berklain

    Rob, I have to stress. I freaking love the way you title your articles. LOL.

  • Stravonski

    One thing you missed, a lot of prisons are actually acting as incubators for Islamic Extremists. This may actually have the opposite effect that the government was looking for.

    I believe in the Save A Shark program. Take one vile Islamic terrorist, one hungry Great White shark, provide a nutritious meal for the poor shark. Two problems solved and a win-win for the planet.

    • I would agree…In a perfect world, we could show these people the error of their ways but we have to remember that the majority of these people can’t be saved. They can’t be helped because they don’t want to be. They’d rather die than change their minds or change their ways.

      Yeah, some can be helped but 95% of them are beyond redemption.