Spartacus : Gods Of The Arena Part 4

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Another episode of the hit series Spartacus has gone down on Starz and, as expected, things are still moving along at a very good clip.

This article does contain spoilers so make sure you’re either caught up or don’t mind before you read on.

So here’s where we are, thus far.

Crixus won his match in the arena, by killing Barca’s lover and is on his way to greatness. Of course, this didn’t make Barca very happy.

The persians (Ashur and Dagan) won their match, though it was Dagan who did all the work…and all the killing…while Ashur got tossed around like a rag doll. Ashur, however, is up to his devious tricks and constantly maneuvering for position.

Oenomaus killed Boba Fett and became Doctore.

Oenomaus’ wife Melitta banged Gannicus, due to orders and politics. They’re now smitten and I’m of the opinion that Oenomaus is going to stab them both.

Tullius and Vettius continue on with their jackassery, constantly working to put Batiatus and his ludus out of the games.

Lentulus and Lucretia Batiatus are ducking and dodging around Titus, trying to gain political favor and advance in the gladiatorial games

Gannicus…well…He may or may not get to fight in a REAL match any time soon, depending on the various maneuverings of the other key players…and whether or not Oenomaus stabs him.

Sex, boobs, butt-rape and shenanigans ABOUND, along with an unfortunate smattering of wieners from time to time.

Also, lesbians.

Now, I have to admit; Episode 4 was a bit on the slow side. It was mostly political machinations and skullduggery BUT…there was also a TON of boobs.

Just try to ignore the dingalings.

Episode 5 is incoming and I will, of course, follow up on that one with more information so keep checking back!

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