Spartacus : Gods Of The Arena – Week 5

Posted by on February 20, 2011 at 7:12 pm

Gods of the Arena

OK…Episode 5 of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena aired Friday night and I have to tell you…I’m not too happy with the direction the last couple episodes have taken.

It seems that, for some reason, the writers at Starz have grown more interested in following politics than they are the blood and guts of the arena…or boobs.

We’re now locked in a drawn out, dramatic power struggle between father and son. Titus having come along and now pushing Lentulus around, taking control of the ludus and basically being a PRICK. He needs to die under a gas truck. Why? Because he’s messing up my gladiatorial games, that’s why!

Like…seriously, dude. Piss off and let’s get on with the killing.

Now we have Gannicus all up Melitta’s leg, the Syrians are having some kind of cat fight because Ashur’s a wussy and Diona’s turned into a whimpering little crybaby because she got some surprise buttsecks from a bunch of people.

She needs to get over it. MY slave girls never get all misty when they get buttsecksed and if they did…well…off to the mines with them!


I’m waiting for the writers to pull their heads out of their vaginas and get on with some good, old fashioned blood-shed.

Hopefully that will happen before I turn 65.

oh…wait…some shit just went down, on multiple fronts! OH GOODY!

Maybe we’re getting back on track, after all!

Well, that’s better. I’m going to go eat a dead animal, now.

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