Spartacus – Season 2 Continued

Posted by on February 1, 2011 at 10:51 pm

Gods Of The Arena

Well, as promised I sat down last night and watched the second episode of Spartacus – Gods of the Arena. I was pretty out of it because of all of the cold medicine I’ve been taking…well…at least I was until it started.

Again, I’m not going to post any spoilers but I will say this – BRILLIANT. Starz is working on doing a really good job of building up the story before the story. For those of you who watched season 1, there will be a number of characters that you remember from the happenings in that tale. Well, now you get to see how some of them became who they are.

And you probably know JUUUUST which ones I’m talking about (Hint : Major players in the first season)

And with that, I won’t say anything else…yet.

Next update, though, I WILL be dropping names so make sure you get caught up!

So far, the blood to boob to sweaty man-junk ratio is about the same as it was in the first season so we definitely have the visual aspects covered (I could do with less man-furters but I guess they have to throw the ladies a…bone…ok, sorry.) and the action has been fast paced, intense and nearly constant.

I don’t know who, at Starz, came up with the idea for this show but they need a raise…seriously.

More to come after the next episode so make sure you check back!

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