The Internet Strikes Again!: Bankruptcy At Borders

Posted by on February 11, 2011 at 5:54 pm

Gosh darnit, internet, you’ve gone and ruined something else! Whether it was Hulu and television, Netflix and DVDs, Napster and music, or Amazon and its Kindle with tangible books, you’re just up to no good! Well, to be fair, this was pretty much Borders’ fault.

Can you even remember the last time you went to a book store? It was usually the every-other-time store on visits to the mall growing up, but it was always lined with a bunch of junk I would never read (except for those Star Trek and Star Wars tomes filled with illustrations and technical tear-aways, of course). In an age where Amazon – originally set up as an online seller of these physical blocks – is now selling more Kindle books than shippable ones, it’s no surprise that Borders is buckling. Borders built a massive two-story depository at our local mall a decade ago, at a time when it was necessary to include a coffee shop, and it seems that both the fate of the mall and that store are the same: complete irrelevance. The book store operator simply failed to recognize the oncoming wave of digital books that don’t require a trip through a parking lot or food court to acquire.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the filing’s due for arrival next week. Let’s hope they can minimize their losses for the sake of their hourly associates at least. Anyone up for some illustrated tear-aways of Mon Calamari cruisers best step up their game and get down to their local book stores now before it’s far too late! (Or they just do tablet versions, hrm.)

Credit: Wall Street Journal

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