Between The Lines: Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

Posted by on March 22, 2011 at 12:16 am

Between The Lines is a new feature in which we break down the true meaning of each new video we get our thick hands around. Our inaugural piece is the fantastic “Friday” by Rebecca Black, featured above. Read Between The Lines after the break!

The video opens with a series of poorly done title cards. This is nothing new, every workplace has a 40-year old woman who only knows how to drag Word Art into a PowerPoint presentation, print it out, and paste her filthy work all over her cubicle/bathroom/broken vending machine. Or, she’ll do it for others because she’s “so good at it”. You make me sad.

It’s only been a few seconds, but we feel just as frazzled. Let’s put this little nugget in right now: her parents paid $2,000 to do this video, starring their daughter. This entire affair is sad.


Yo. Got any weed?



Notice the girl on the left who is bored out of her mind and the girl on the right who’s experiencing a fluctuation in space time. What a terrible way to go.

Notice how everyone in the car has been replaced except for Rebecca. “Hey kids, you wanna star in a MUSIC VIDEO?” “OKAY!” Little do they realize that they have to spend their entire lives denying their role in this production.

“Your hair looks like chocolate. Can I eat your head? Does anyone ask you that? Is that weird?”

You are staring directly at Hell.

I don’t wanna talk about the crappy After Effects work here, but it is pretty crappy.

Also, a black person.

This is the part where they envisioned her face melting, which would have been awesome, but the budget just didn’t allow it.

This legion of robots is applauding Rebecca Black’s wonderful exercise in song, which is misleading because even robots had to be paid to flail their limbs.

The full video is below. Go watch and see exactly what we’re talking about!

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  • In every single one of those stills I could have worked in how someone in the frame is either farting or had just farted.

    Have a look at them and you’ll see that I’m right.