Paramount And Twitter Announce ‘Super 8’ Trailer Exclusivity, Ignore Meatbags Who Saw It In Theaters

Posted by on March 11, 2011 at 1:40 pm

Well, this is funny: I could’ve sworn we saw the trailer for the new Steven Spielberg/”I’m Not Working On The New Star Trek Film Yet” J.J. Abrams flick Super 8 during the midnight release for that one film last night. Nope, apparently not according to Paramount who issued a press release stating they had released the trailer exclusively on Twitter. Well, I guess I’ll just forget the one we saw last night.

I won’t talk at length about the new trailer, aside from the fact that it looks like a Spielberg film when he was at the peak of his powers. There’s some unquantifiable amount of magic and kids running around trying to save the day that makes me nostalgic. Anyway, links below!

Super 8 Trailer
Paramount Press Release

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