PROTIP: Charlie Sheen Isn’t Really Dead But You Just Got Pwnt lolz!

Posted by on March 10, 2011 at 7:00 pm

Yep. If you clicked on one of those video links on facebook, you opened up a box of whoop-ass on yourself!

Seems some funny guys have gotten the idea to use Charlie’s downward spiral to blow up the internets.

Here’s what happens when you see the link, which may look similar to this one…

1) You click the link on facebook.
2) You get taken to a fake youtube page.
3)You click anywhere on the screen and the evil script makes sexy time with your facebook page, posting the scam on your status.
4) Next, you’re asked to complete a survey. If you do, BLAMMO! Spam city, son!
5) ?????

Some users are reporting malware infections after clicking the link, too.

Malware or coked-out hooker herps? Nobody is sure at this time.

Tell your friends to stay away from that link.


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  • Johnny

    That image of Charlie Sheen is … frightening.

    • TexasRed

      I know, he almost looks like a big, fluffy, white cat…..wait…..