Spartacus : Gods Of The Arena – Season Finale

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Gods of the Arena

Spoiler Alert.

You’ve been warned.

So the 2nd (mini) season of Spartacus has come to an end and a lot has transpired. This last episode, quite a bit longer than a normal installment, tied up a lot of loose ends and left plenty of room for a…later season, between 1 and 2, which I can only think might be called a prequelsequel.

So now we’ve seen the end of Titus, poisoned by Lucretia.
Melitta is dead, after drinking the wine Lucretia poisoned (this was unintentional on Lucretia’s part).
Tullius, having been blamed for Titus’ poisoning was thoroughly buttsecksed in an alleyway by Batiatus’ men, then bricked into the walls of the new arena.
Vettius has been intimidated into helping cover up the murder of Tullius and to giving up his gladiator stock to Solonius, who thoroughly buttsecksed Batiatus, without him even knowing it was coming.

This last act led to what I can old describe as a gladiatorial battle royale with all of Batiatus’ fighters going head to head with all of Solonius’ fighters.

Outnumbered 2 to 1, the gladiators of house Batiatus prevailed.
We saw how Ashure got his leg and arm wrecked (his leg was broken by Crixus after he went apeshitbonkers, killed Dagan in the rumble and then prepared to take a poke at Gannicus. Crixus then threw him through the ring of fire surrounding the combat area and he got singed.)
We watched Gannicus save Crixus life by blocking an opponent’s blow with a shield and knocking Crixus out of the combat area.
We witnessed Gannicus winning his freedom, which put Crixus at the top of house Batiatus and also removed him from the Oenomaus equation.
And we saw house Batiatus become the de facto top of the food chain in Capua.

As I said, the producers have left a nice space open to do a second prequel series – one that will show the rise of Crixus from paper champion to champion in his own right and how house Batiatus go to the status it held at the beginning of season 1.

Scuttlebutt has it, though, that they’ve replaced Andy Whitfield (the actor who played Spartacus in the first season and had to quit after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphmoa) in the title role of Spartacus and will be continuing the series by following Spartacus and the other gladiators after their escape.

Unfortunately, there’s not much room there for the arena if they stick to the legends. This doesn’t bode well for boobies and that makes me sad because I need my fix. Hopefully they will find it appropriate to do a second mini-series and fill in some blanks.

And hooters.

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