Charlie Sheen Bombed in Detroit for Tour Debut ‘My Violent Torpedo of Truth’

Posted by on April 3, 2011 at 2:03 pm

I guess the people that we’re buying the tickets didn’t watch Sheen’s Korner or anything else that he put out on USTREAM because they we’re a little upset in Detroit. I can understand with the ticket prices the way they were, meet and greet was $750/ticket if I remember correctly, some people were buying them on Craigslist for up to $500/ticket. The biggest complaint was that it was boring, duh, and there were a lot of video clips, etc.

This is how it supposedly went down. The show was supposed to start at 8pm but there was an opening act that everyone said was terrible, maybe he was trying to make himself look better. A little after 9pm he finally came on stage showed a film montage, had his two “goddesses” kiss each other, then he burnt a Two and a Half Men-esq bowling shirt, then showed a bunch of little videos like a 20/20 interview spoof. He then asked some questions like “show of hands, who here has tried crack?” and then insulted people with “I’ve already got your money dude.” as he was getting booed. As he left the stage about 10pm he played the music video he worked on with Snoop Dogg, Rob Patterson and Dirt Nasty.

I don’t know what people expected from a film/TV star to be doing on-stage but I was sure it wasn’t going to be stand-up. Hey, at least if you were there you were able to buy Tiger Blood, oh snap, that’s just the blood energy drink from ThinkGeek with a new label on it. I wonder how much people paid for those there?

If you want you can buy your own Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA drinks from Harcos Labs. Just FYI, I had the blood energy drink and the zombie blood energy drink, they are really small and taste nasty, definitely not worth it.

You can see some video of the tour here, the dicks disabled embedding.

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  • Anonymous

    Apparently they booed Dirt Nasty off the stage, too.

    • Was he the opening act? If so that really sucks, I really like him but his music probably isn’t what the Sheen crowd is into.