James Cameron Seeks To Make Movies Look Crappier

Posted by on April 3, 2011 at 7:48 pm

Dear James Cameron,

It was pretty awesome when you made Terminator 2 because you proved to us that an insanely-budgeted, explosion-filled flick with a super-popular actor playing a killer robot could be pulled off. It was cute when you did Titanic with another insanely high budget (and a partially nude Kate Winslet) and made all that money. It was silly when you did Avatar, made even more money, and inspired a legion of knock-off films with 3D effects that some of us can’t even see. With this new thing, though… c’mon now.

Y’know, films look pretty good at 24fps, really. at 30fps, even slightly higher, they start to look like soap operas and it’s awful looking. Your proposal to shoot movies at 48- or 60-frames per second? That’s ridiculous. It’s going to look like crap. Higher frame rates look fine in sports and video games because they’re utilitarian and more frames means better response times and smoother in action. When you do it to films, it makes them look like expensive video games. Take, for example, the 120Hz anti-judder effect on modern TVs which cheapens the look of any film out there. AWFUL.

No, Mr. Cameron, stop messing with junk. 3D is a bunch of crap, shooting in higher framerates is just going to be more awful.



Source: Engadget

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