Nick’s Most Anticipated Albums of 2011!

Posted by on April 10, 2011 at 12:05 am

This year’s been pretty flat in terms of new music. The new Strokes was aight, there hasn’t been any good indie rap, and I’ve been feeding on a lot of leftovers I looked over from previous years. But, the rest of the year? Looking pretty sexy…

AtmosphereThe Family Sign – April 12th

Minnesota-based rap outfit Atmosphere (consisting of rapper Slug and producer Ant) put together the absolutely fabulous If Life Gives You Lemons… with some deep indie tracks. Can’t wait to hear their new work.

IncubusIf Not Now, When? – July 12th

Incubus is been one of my favorite groups and I love every single one of their albums, in their own different way. Morning View and their last album, 2006’s Light Grenades, battle it out as my favorite from the rock quintet, so it’s no surprise that this is easily one of my anticipated albums ever.

Shiny Toy GunsIII – Late Summer

Back in 2006, iTunes had recommended “Le Disko” to me, which was their first single off of We Are Pilots. It wasn’t until the following summer that I actually sank some time into the album and I loved the hell out of it. When their second LP dropped near the end of 2008, it was my favorite of the year instantly.

Opeth – Untitled – Fall 2011

Everyone’s favorite melodic death metal group, Finland-based Opeth makes epic metal that you could score The Best Movie In The World to. Their last disc was the fantastic Watershed, but their work has been consistently awesome forever.

Justice – Untitled – ???

It’s been four long years since Justice brought us their Daft Punk-tinged dance-electro album, . I had instantly memorable tracks like Genesis, Stress, Phantom, and DVNO at the ready on my many miles of walking that year, I ended up falling in love with this disc and their live version, A Cross The Universe. We need more Justice!

Silverchair – Untitled – ???

Starting out as a more grungy, radio rock group, I never fell in love with the Australian rockers, but 2007’s Young Modern changed my mind. By then, they had matured and weren’t afraid to go in weird directions with their music, even going to record with the Czech Philharmonic. This new disc is supposed to be more experimental, but we’ll see when it (hopefully) release this year.

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  • I still listen to Light Grenades, brilliant bl@@dy album. I didn’t realise Incubus had a new album coming out this year. So damn excited for it. Opeth, even the finest words cannot describe my love for the band. Didn’t think it was your sort of thing Nick. Naaaaaiiiiice One.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, good year! Also, new Atmosphere disc is pretty slick!