UGO And IGN To Merge, Form Larger Site We Still Don’t Care About

Posted by on May 1, 2011 at 9:47 pm

Don’t you remember the early 00s, right after as the dot-com hangover began? Back when wonderful sites like Daily Radar were smitten from existence and bland, unfeeling ones like UGO and IGN survived? Well, all things are circular I suppose because a recent report states that these two titans of mediocrity are joining together into a slightly larger tribute to vanilla. I have never been less excited about two chunks of personality-free internet real estate joining together.

I think I’ve been to UGO a handful of times in the past decade, but I think I remembered their stupid ‘fist’ logo being plastered everywhere on the internet. I’d ask around to all the kids I knew in high school and no one knew what a UGO actually was. I still don’t really know. IGN on the other hand was the parent company of TeamXbox, a place that most FEZ staffers referred to as home for many, many years. IGN is now known for Jessica Chobot. Also, Jessica Chobot, Jessica Chobot, and Jessica Chobot.

Jessica Chobot, aka IGN

So where does this really leave us? It means we’re about to see a great amalgam of sites that used to be relevant giving standardized opinions about most anything they can get their hands on. Two umbrella corporations joining together to… accomplish little. Or really: just a really boring version of MetaCritic. This is a bit like if Lil Wayne released a rock album. Yes, that awful.

Source: Joystiq

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