Day Zero Wrap-Up: A Dessert of Deserts

Posted by on May 27, 2011 at 2:39 am

I really didn’t know what to think going into my first day at a Comic-Con (or Comicon as the Phoenix crew puts it). We knew that this first day was going to be a short day (it ran a weird 6PM to 11:30PM) and there were no major events planned, so, like, what to do…

The mad FEZ Crew! Left to Right: Kelly, Keith, Johnny, and Rob.

The mad FEZ crew got together at eight, dropping in for dinner at the hotel’s Networks restaurant, waxing nostalgic about our good ol’ times at TeamXbox (except for Kelly, who had no idea what we were talking about). But then, y’know, what do we do afterward?

We ignored pretty much all of Rob’s suggestions.

We decided to crash the Anime Rave, the only thing going on. All the panels were closed, so it seemed like a done deal. Also, Keith had shiny metallic spandex pants that we all sorta wanted to materialize. We ran into a problem pretty quick, though: by the time we got out of dinner, it was 2330, which was when the Anime Rave was scheduled to simmer down. By the time we arrived, it looked like the picture above; a single DJ holding down the fort while some cosplayers flopped around on the floor. Let’s be fair, it’s about 15,000 people here for Comicon and we’re here on the first day before anything actually happens, so what do we do? We end up scouring the internet for anything. Anything to do. We searched the #phxcc hashtag and only found tweets about people retiring for the night. No, c’mon now…

@fezHQ at work!

So we wandered. Second floor is the game room. People borrow or bring in their tabletop adventures or card games. There were a half-dozen small games going on while we walked around looking bored. That’s hardly the point, though: this is the point where I post a picture of Rob signing up for a LARPing tournament:

We continued to wander and acknowledged that there are a lot of cute, nerdy girls here. Sorry, I acknowledged there are a lot of cute and nerdy girls here. We even passed by Wil Wheaton and spent five minutes wondering if we should ask him for an interview. Or maybe a photo op? What do you even ask Wil Wheaton? We already know The Next Generation was the best Star Trek series. Dear Wil Wheaton, do you like conventions? …well, that’s a stupid question.

Anyway, we’ll have a lot more tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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