Growing Up TV: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

Posted by on May 31, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Back when the Power Rangers began their first season (which is hard to imagine nowadays) I found myself spellbound in front of the TV set. Produced by Saban and debuting on August 28, 1993, the Power Rangers were chosen by a Wizard of Oz-ish leader known as Zordon, accompanied by Alpha 5 (think: Robot from Lost in Space).

Rita Repulsa (Machiko Soga in season 1) is the first main villain the Power Rangers face when she is released from her 10,000 year prison, bent on conquering Earth. Rita also had a very memorable costume, introducing me to the concept of coned boobs, and was ridiculed by many parents as being too suggestive. Power Rangers was also ridiculed by the violence it had in a kids show, and had parents freaking out all over the world, using technology to censor the show all together.

Despite the complaints from parents, Power Rangers still aired and became a phenomenal success, and to this day is running strong at season number 19, making this one of the longest running TV shows in history. I watched this show up until the last episodes of season 2 (Zeo) when the show to me became way too formulaic. With that said if you haven’t seen the first season, you may as well watch a few episodes online and laugh at the parents who thought it was too violent, hell even in school most people thought the show was cheesy.


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  • I remember a friend who wasn’t allowed to watch Power Rangers yet was able to watch Terminator 2.  

  • I was obsessed with the Rangers as a kid.

    • I wish I could have gotten a picture of the White Ranger at comicon…it was spot on too.