Phoenix Comicon 2011 – The Rocky Horror Debacle

Posted by on May 28, 2011 at 2:51 am

Comicon is moving along nicely. We’ve seen a few interesting things and a lot of interesting people.

One if the items on the to-do list was to check out the presentation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Well, that idea didn’t work out the way we’d intended. We went to the spot what we thought was a few minutes late and were greeted with a room packed full of attendees and this guy, up on the stage with a mic in his hand.

Well, this dude talked.

And talked.

And talked.

We hit the bar and got drinks.

He still talked.

We took pictures.

He still talked.

We left and checked out the rave then went back.


All totalled, this guy carried on for 53 minutes, giving rules, talking about what the movie is and abusing the word “fuck” before they finally started the show.

By the time they rolled the movie we weren’t in the mood to do anything at all so I snapped a couple of pics and we bailed.

To the chatty guy with the mic…take the words you had the audience yelling to heart.

“Shut the fuck up.”

More later.

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  • Rockyouhot

    and that was a short preshow compared to what NORMALLY goes on

  • Doesntmatter

    I can’t stand this Guy. He ruins that cast

  • Rockywhore573

    As a member of this cast yes he does talk a lot….but by law he HAS to lay down the rules but everyone is entitled to their opinions if you don’t like it go to another show…..their preshow will be just as long….excuse us for covering our asses

    • Rockyfan87

       I second that… Also as a member of cast, there are things guests may want to do that could get us kicked out of the theater we perform at, banned from performing at future comicons, and other stuff… We basically rent that theater from the owners and there are always going to be rules we must follow… that is basically the legal s*** that keeps us from not being able to perform future shows which is bad on our fans and us as a cast because we love performing it… Unfortunately because our country is so messed up and hung up on “legalities” there is a lot of stuff people would be able to do in the past that is no longer “legally” acceptable at The Rocky Horror Picture Show… It’s just one of those things that we have to adapt to and move on with if we want to continue performing it every week, but if our director and the preshow host does not do their jobs of informing the audience of the “disclaimers” we could lose the theater and that would make it very difficult for us to perform Rocky Horror on a weekly basis. Also at Comicon, there was a lot of Virgins… It is a Rocky Tradition to do a Virgin Sacrifice… With lots of Virgins i will take a little bit more time to get them all “sacrificed”.

      • ExtonEddie

        This ma have slipped past you but you weren’t actually in your theater. Your argument is also one of irrelevant conclusion.

        • Anonymous

          SO, because they’re not at home they’re not supposed to enforece their rules?  what planet are you from?

    • ExtonEddie

      There is no “laws” governing rocky horror, that is a ridiculous statement and one of irrelevant conclusion. There may be rules, generally set down by the venue, but there are no laws governing the RHPS.  Even the disclaimer for adult content is moot as it is the venue’s responsibility to uphold the guidelines set forth by the MPAA. Even those ratings such as G, PG, PG-13 and R are merely guidelines and are not enforceable in any legal court. Even a list of 25 rules doesn’t require 53 minutes. It looks like it was an hour long ego stroke of Mr. Producer Guy that caused people to walk out. You have obviously never been to many shows elsewhere, as your statement about other preshows being as long is full of generalities and misinformation. Having been to shows all across the world most are limited to less then 30 minutes. Point of fact, as a theater has to pay for utilities such as lights and A/C as well as staffing no matter how long the person up front rambles it is cost prohibitive to allow things like that to continue too long. It eats into the theater’s bottom line. Most casts are limited by economics alone. Before you stand up and say something like you have to do x “by law” you better be ready to cite that law. You will certainly get your wish. People will find other outlets if you alienate them, so feel free to encourage attendance elsewhere.

    • Surfer2490

      As someone who has been a founding member of your cast and also have seen over 10 other casts around the country I can honestly say that you dont know what you are talking about STFU

  • Rockyouhot

    You should seriously see what normally goes on. “This is MY theater, this is MY cast.”  He has a “harem” of skanks that follow him down to the front of the theater and he talks for about an hour about what you can and cannot do on “his” turf. He’s an arrogant asshole.

    • me

      btw im one of them “skanks” fuck you go to another show jack ass

      • Cast Mommy!!!

        I know that you are not part of our cast. NONE of our wonderful young ladies would say anything like this to discredit OUR show.

  • A couple of points I’d like to make…

    1) I have been to a RHPS show before.  I know a couple of people who are in the 500+ views category.
    2) You talk about rules but the man with the mic made it a point to identify the people in the audience who were under 18, then continue with the foul language (how many times DID he say “fuck”, anyway?  I lost count), sexual inuendo, crude humor, drug references and adult themed topics…with underage people in the room…
    3) To whom you all proceeded to show an *R* rated film.
    4) Without ensuring they had parental consent.

    I only bring that up to derail your defense about “laws” and that all of these things have to be done.  Sure, some rules have to be stated – no open flame, no breaking laws, etc… – but those take 3 minutes.  The virgins? MEH! you guys pulled 5 up on each side so the “numbers” argument is moot. That’s what?  10 minutes?  That leaves 40 minutes of gassing and if it was all about laws and covering your asses, those minors would have been tossed out like a $5 hooker at The Ritz.

    mmmmmmm…$5 hookers…

    Now, I can understand wanting to get the audience involved and make it fun but 40 minutes of banter?  I don’t think you realize how many people walked out while “Mr. Loaf” was flapping his soup-coolers.  I don’t realize the extent of it, myself, but I know at least a dozen people walked out and most of them were talking about how bored they were and that the guy wouldn’t shut up.  One in particular said (not verbatim but my memory is pretty good) “Fuck this, I’m leaving.  This guy’s never going to shut the fuck up and I’m bored.”

    That was pretty much our sentiment, as well.

    Truly, it could have been a much better situation.  Sometimes the “cast” has to modify its presentation to fit the situation and when you have upwards of 30,000 people showing up for a weekend of constant go, go, go with panels and celebs and photo ops and so many other things to do, standing in front of them and wagging your chin for 53 minutes about what a great and amazing movie this is and how it’s got transsexuals in it may not be the best course…Don’t tell them about it, let them SEE it and ENJOY it.

    Remember, it’s about the fans, not the presenters.  The second you forget that, you start to suck.

  • If you want to enjoy RHPS then there is only two rules.
    1) Watch the show.
    2) Ignore the douche. (Not to mention the last time I saw him, he smelled like he could use one)

  • conguy

    I somewhat agree with this post. It did take forever and got pretty boring. As for the $5 hooker that did the opening song what the hell this isnt the first time iv seen her do this and its gross last time i saw her she said and i quote “im the cast slut” really there were young teens in the audience and its desterbing. That is not something to be proud of she makes the show feel very awkward and im not the only one who thinks this. Other then that the other young woman was wonderfull she keeped it watchable not in a strip bar. Other then that the cast was exalent wonderfull frank and beautifull janet. Thought it was funny with the multiple charictors at times and the trannys so amazing wish they got more credit. I still recomend this cast and say its worth your money as long as the guy didnt talk to much and the wana be pretty girl didnt act like she could get anyone she wanted you never perform as anything else so dont expect the be the only one remembered

  • Rockywhore573

    To everyones comments regarding language and sexual innuendos etc etc one of the very first disclaimers is if you are easily offended or if your parents don’t want you to see this “there is the door don’t let it hit you in the ass on the way out”…I never said anything about laws governing rocky horror but there are laws governing what can and can’t be done in a theatre…..for the older audience members what they were allowed to do at a show at one time or in one place would not be allowed to happen today….again we state what can and can’t be done to cover our asses….oh big fuckin deal you’ve seen it all over the world….different countries different rules and age restrictions…..this is fuckin high school bullshit….oh I don’t like him for this reason or he did this to me so I’m going to do this and say this to discredit him and everyone associated with him….how about you get the fuck over it and be an adult ancd grow up….so one stupid bitch says she’s the cast slut…..that’s how she views herself and its sad and pathetic but believe it or not each person on this cast is a different person and has different values and morals……there are quite a few who have never and will never do anything sexual with anyone on cast and are good people…….don’t judge an entire group of people because of how one person views themselves……the show was a huge hit and success with everyone in the audience as far as mr.producer guy if it wasn’t for him there wouldn’t be a show at all yes it wasn’t our normal venue but the rules still apply and even more so in such a big venue and event especially considering a rave upstairs where there no doubt is drugs and you wanna talk about language with kids in our audience?! Yes there are areas that need improvement and he could definately cut his intro and closing announcements shorter but its his show and a lot of what he says is information for the audience about upcoming shows……as for rules and statutes we are not going to get busted for what our audience does and neither will the theatre… if you enjoy it so much go somewhere else or put up with it and shut the hell up

  • Rockywhore573

    Let’s review state laws versus venue rules…..alcoholic beverages? In a place with no liquor license and in that hotel you could not leave the bar with a beverage in your hand….that’s a law…..drugs? Yep that’s a law…..public acts of sex? Yep that’s a law……open flames? Yep that’s generally a fire code……proper bathroom usage….yup that’s a law and also venue rule and general common sense if you have a dick use the mens a vag use the womens….language? While not a law it is to inform those that don’t like foul language what they are in for…..we do live in a mormon state….nudity? Yep public indecency laws……so again we inform the audience to cover our asses and that of the venue so if some shit were to happen we can say that we informed the audience thereby releasing us from responsibilty for what a stupid audience member may do……as far as touching cast members umm well scantily clad girls and boys….not men….boys in the audience and I’m talking mentally…..a lot of us don’t like nor want strangers groping us and stupid people feel they can put their hands on us because we are performers…we have had angry parents and audience members becauuse they did not know what they were getting into or coming to see come after us because of their lack of knowledge about movies or what their children were doing….we are not babysitters and for the R rating…well frankly at the theatre that is up to the staff of the theatre to check ages to those they sell to…..not us……and with the hotel….it was a free show open to the ticketholders for the con which had their own security…it is not finacially smart to spend extra money on pamphlets just for rules and disclaimers so we state them at each and every show….the picture of a man with makeup and lingerie in high heels should be somewhat of a hint to those who would rather not bring their children but again people are generally stupid naive and want everything their own way…..again I say…..grow up high school is over

    • I thought I’d chime in as one who can speak with experience. It doesn’t take 53 minutes to read rules. It probably doesn’t take 53 minutes to read the statutes verbatim. Disclaimer or rules are like speed limit signs. You read the law is 55 miles per hour, whether you choose to obey is up to you. The same goes with the audience. No one in the history of rocky horror has ever been arrested because an audience member disrobed, smoked a doob, drank some vodka or had sex in the back row. You keep yelling law this or law that. Theaters shut down rocky because people do dumb things that affect the reputation and therefor the business, not because a law was broken. The point here is it took 53 minutes. I was not there but based on people who are not connected with the rocky community posting there has been alienation. I don’t think the original poster nor most subsequent posters know the people involved in this cast. They simply are complaining (and rightly so) that it took too long. I find it amusing that 53 minutes is assumed to be what it took to start the show. According to friend, that was 53 minutes of Mr Yenkala babbling and then the second person came on and deviginized people so who knows how long it really took. Your attitude of “shut up or go elsewhere” will have it’s impact on a show that has flagging number going to into a season that is historically low for attendance. People will go elsewhere, mark my words. Rocky is not the only game in town drawing the alternative crowd. You keep stamping your foot and screaming “don’t like it? shut the fuck up or get the fuck out” and it will lead to you having to find elsewhere to go on a Saturday night. Also there is talk of negativity impacting rocky. Let me make this clear. People. Walked. Out. When people walk out you have done more damage to your show and the institution then any single other thing. People who walk out never return. Also please keep in mind that a person who has a good experience will tell a friend. One who has a bad experience will tell 10. Worse yet they will post on a forum such as this. Can any thing that depends on numbers (from pizzas to car dealers) afford to alienate customers? I think not. The lesson here and the one I’ve personally spread far and wide is to not let your ego run wild with 53 minutes as a preshow. As anonymity is a cowardly way to post things, you know who I am. Feel free to post your name as well.

    • unknown

      Why does Rockywhore573 sound like a big baby? Wah Wah Wah.

  • Rockywhore573

    As for a go go go weekend of panels and celebrities etc……what panels and celebrities were presenting or anything at midnight??? it was either rocky or a rave…again we tell the audience of crap that’s in the movie so we don’t have angry people who didn’t know what the movie was about coming at us we warn them to give them a chance to leave….as for his harem of skanks……he has always done that and what right do you have to collectively call them all skanks? Its called making an entrance…..from an audience perspective what would be more entertaining… entrance following a line of attractive girls or just someone walkin on stage? All we care about is the audience… a main cast member for 7 years and having been on 2 previous casts this is genuinely the first one I’ve worked with where there is no bs drama and everyone on cast just wants to have fun and entertain the audience…people will talk shit that’s life and usually shows their own insecurities and jealousies…people will start rumors to discredit our cast and the man who runs it…..I’ve heard every single one and not a single one of them is true…..again…started by insecure immature people.

    • unknown

      Boo you whore. 

  • Itscometothisnow

    Sounds like some body has a personal ax to grind. To say I was bewildered would be one hell of an understatement. I have seen people who are soar because they quit because they did not always get their way or one of thier ex-cast member frinds got “fired” from a Rocky cast. How the hell can you fire someone from a non-contracted job? No one is obligated to perform, they do it to gain experience and exposure; not for financial success. The feelings that surfaced through this article obviously have shown contrary to popular belief, two wrongs DO make a right. Exquese me? You heard me right. Ex-cast felt they had been wronged by that cast manager, so in turn, he ‘wronged’ them back. A little game I like to call, “Hi, I’m 5.” Grow up! That was my rationale behind my anger towards the spreaders of the RHPS negativity by calling the pre-show a debacle. If it’s not Mr. Producer guy beating a dead horse with rules then it’s a person not covering everything and the next thing you know stupid people are breaking laws making Rocky look bad in a theaters everywhere. Rocky in this state has gone on in AZ for ages is because they are smart about not letting dumb people do stupid things like let the inmates run the asylm and it’s a testimate everywhere else can you name to many cast that have been on-going for any length of time allot of them died because of dumb people don’t quite grasp simple things like destroying theater property or are lax about drugs and alcohol.

  • 53 minutes…


    Fifty three.


    Go san (五三)

    Cinquante trois


    Fiddy trey

    53…minutes…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    • Alexthelarge

      Well I don’t know nothing about 53 minutes but I do know that
      the tech crew work amazingly fast.

      The scheduled start time in the programing guide was 12:30am.

      Rocky is 100 minutes.

      So IF the preshow took 53 minutes the movie would be done
      about 3am.

      I took money out of an ATM at 3:17am AFTER tech gathered all
      the props and light, took them outside and loaded them in a truck, took apart
      the screen, cleaned the venue, helped gather all the casts personal belongings
      and helped the Hyatt staff stack the chairs. 

      Go Tech!!!!!

  • Eddie’s Teddy’s Diaper

    It’s articles like this and the ridiculous comments that support something that is outside ‘the box’ that makes me hate the narrow minded Republican mindset of this Hell Hole known as Arizona.

  • OG

    The blogger is sharing his opinion. Fight it all you want, but that is just how the world works. You can get all butt hurt that some not-so-nice things were said or you can take this as creative criticism, address the problem and fix it. There is more at stake than your egos, so check them at the door and be better for it.

  • Doerock465

    This has gone way too far. The reality is cut down Preshow time so both audience and cast could both be happy. Cmon quit being lazy and shorten your damn Preshow

    • unknown

      I heard something that the annoying guy who is in charge wont take ideas from his OWN  cast members, so there is no use on trying. Trust me. Also, this stuff happens every time and its awful, I disliked being there a lot.

      • concerned

        It’s true, he won’t listen to anyone. Oh well, when the show finally dies its on his head.

  • Star85014

    I think that maybe it is time that this wonderful cast get rid of the old and welcome some serious new blood to do preshow. What people do not understand is this man is pretty much using these poor kids that are in the show to get some 15 year old girls. HEY PERV GUESS WHAT? THIS IS AN 18 AND OVER SHOW AND YOU ARE ADMITTING UNDERAGE KIDS WITHOUT THEIR PARENTS. ALSO WHERE DOES ALL OF THE MONEY GO THAT THIS CAST MAKES? GOD YOU MAKE ME SICK AND I WILL BE CONTACTING MAD CAP AND LETTING THEM KNOW YOU ARE BREAKING SOME SERIOUS LAWS. GOD YOU ARE A SICK DIRTY DISGUSTING FAT ASS. TIME FOR YOU TO GO AWAY AND LET THE ONES WHO REALLY CARE TAKE THE FUCK OVER.

    • None

      lee has a small penis

    • Eddie’s Teddy’s Diaper

      I’m not sure what makes me more disturbed, wrong info, pointless use of CAPITALIZATION, or poor grammar.

  • AzRockySupport

    Basically, its as simple as this: you didn’t like the pre-show. Cool, that’s fine, no one requires you to like the pre-show but to start bashing on a cast and producer that most of you don’t even know is unfair. First, I have to say that Matt is a really good guy, he loves Rocky, sorry if that love makes him ramble on a bit. Second, the girls in our cast are beautiful and calling them “sluts and skanks” isn’t fair. You don’t know anything about them. Part of the reason the pre-show was so long was because they weren’t in their normal theater. Another big part of it is that there were 12 virgins who were sacrificed one by one down a line (which takes a while when its going one by one). I just joined this cast and I couldn’t be happier. Everyone has been amazing to me. If you didn’t like the length of the pre-show than come to our normal show at madcap, the pre-show will be shorter. If you have a problem with Matt, talk to Matt, how does talking about it on here help? What it comes down to is this; our Brad was hilarious, our Janet was amazing, our Columbias were incredible, our Riff was outstanding, our Magentas were fantastic, our Trixies were sexy, and our trannys were fabulous. Comicon was a great show. Matt is a great producer. Come As You Are is a great cast.  

    • unknown

      Apparently you don’t know much about this cast. Honestly you can’t see this bullshit. I personally knew Matt, and no he isn’t as great as he seems. Trust me. I cannot and will not saw awful things, But I would love to. But it is in terrible taste and it could start more fucking drama. Hey kid, wake up. our cast has amazing potential and it LOST a lot of helpers who can make them amazing in that role. Honestly, if all his drama/ member drama didn’t happen Come As You Are could be pretty alright. But it is represented poorly, its not all his fault granted but he is a source of the problems. 


  • Eddie’s Teddy’s Diaper

    One factor to consider in all of this; The convention neglected to place a projector in a place where a movie is going to be shown is another reason for the long talk. He was buying time until it was at least working well enough to project the movie.

  • ZombieSnack

    Why doesn’t anyone care about a critic I love on a site that doesn’t get the attention it deserves who happened to be at the worst comic convention in the history of Phoenix but made it the best?

    • I fixed your comment for you.

      • ZombieSnack

        Ok, I’ll go with the changing the post, but I have to know, as the Comic Con went, I’m curious how you made it the best. 

        • Hey, anywhere we go we make it the best. I don’t know if you were there or not but hanging out with us is hella cool. Wil Wheaton was stalking us, or maybe it was the other way around. We just make the best situation out of everything. Oh and ALCOHOL, that helps…

          Even though we went as media we didn’t have as much access as most places but that is because PCC is relatively new and learning.

          And changing the comment, I know people don’t know who we are, we’re less than 6 months old. This is our first convention, hell, this was even the first time all of us met each other in person.

          We are planning on doing more conventions in the future and other cool things just give us time to grow.

      • frank n chedder

        fleasheatingzipper has a small penis

  • 53minMadeAFanOutOfMe

    53 minutes? Really? This pre-show took 53 minutes of our time to give me and my friends a good experience? 

    A great experience it was. 

    I was sitting with my friends in the middle of what felt like hundreds of people who were all laughing at jokes and cheering at the hosts and performers on stage. Rocky Horror isn’t our usual form of entertainment, but we were at comic con and already saw everything that we came for. So, we thought we’d check out the rocky horror show. We thought the guy on stage was harlious. Loved his jokes and thought the virgin sacrifice was some of the best entertainment that we had seen all year. What goes on at this show, you don’t see stuff like this anywhere. We all thought it was awesome!

    We’ll be seeing it again in tempe when they perform their next show.

  • Dude

    What a joke. Once the show starts becoming about the cast’s ego and not about the actual movie, it’s time to go.

  • Jes052387

    I went to this show and wasn’t impresed. Whatever happned to the old Frank n further I miss her

    • unknown

      She was such a fantastic Frank, SHE made the cast work, and made them look good.. It seems like the good people are gone and now the new people have to grow to adapt to the wrong teachings and the corruption of their leaders..

      • frank n chedder

        she made herself look better, not the cast.  she didnt care about the cast, only how she looked.  the cast is better with her gone.

    • None

      she went back to stripping.  Sat night at a strip club pays big bucks, sat night at rocky horror doesnt pay to park your car.

    • Mirrorman

      I agree she is missed . I agree he talks too long. I also question what he does with the ticket money, prop bag money ect .He really has more more motivation than ego and this isnt non pro profit so dance kiddies while he counts the dollars.

    • Anonymous

      SHE?  wow. someone’s dating themselves..

      • I tried to date myself, once.  Threw my back out for 3 days.

  • Jes052387

    Saying that about her is bullshit
    Plus she’s in no condition to be

    • frank n chedder

      nut jubs never are in any condition to be criticized

  • Done

    Hey none you better check yourself before you diarrhea out the mouth again. I’m sure you’ve gotten help or learned something from her. Now everybody leave her outta this

    • frank n chedder

      her who the 5 $ stripper who thought she was important

      • Mirrorman

        None you get cast every week now makes you wonder .Good tthing it’s not based on your spelling or ability to check your drama at the door.

  • Done

    Who the $5 stripper that kept ur cast in line She can also spell too. Wow somebody went to school. You’re just jealous cause you’re too ugly to strip and people would pay you to put your clothes back on.

    • frank n chedder

      you mean spelling like the word your?

  • John

    Out of all the Rocky shows that I’ve worked, this one was by far the best! While I filmed the first half of it, I was standing right in the middle behind the audio booth. Right in the middle of all 600 people who attended. The crowd’s cheers were literally hurting my ears. At one time I had to cover them. The energy was BIG and it was diffinately there.

    The pre-show was good even though it was a bit long due to tech difficulties with the projector. The cast did a great job as usual as well as the lighting crew. The guy who played Frank was outstanding! I thought it was a bad idea for him to be debuting his first show at comic con. I was wrong. His performance left me choked up and almost tearing.

    I am a member of the cast and if anyone knows me, they know that I am a fair person. I am not writing this to defend anyone. This is how I felt about the show.

    It just gets me to see someone write a small blog on our show that they maybe attened for 20-30mins? He went to the bar and checked out a rave during pre-show and then left entirely before the  intial show started. If he didn’t want to waste his time watching the show, than why did he waste his time writing a blog on it?

    • I think you missed the part in the article where I said the show was on our to-do list.  We went in to watch it and planned on reporting on the show as a whole…in its entirety.  By the time the guy was finished gassing, though, we’d completely lost our taste for seeing it.  We were in the bar, in the back of the theater room, for 30 minutes before we left to get photos of the rave, in hopes that the show would have started by the time we got back.  We were at the rave for another 15 mins and then came back to the guy still talking.

      At that point, we were done.  We were tired and bored and more than a little frustrated so we snapped some pics and left. 

      I think you may have also missed in the comments where I said that we weren’t the only people who left.

      And why did I “waste my time” writing a blog on it?  Well, as you can see from the flood of comments, it wasn’t a waste of time.  Also, I wrote about it because that was the point.  To write about the events of phoenix comicon.  That’s why we were wearing press badges.  That’s why we will be wearing press badges at all of the conventions we go to.

      Why would we waste our time getting our credentials checked, our applications processed, or badges issued, our rooms reserved, our travel plans laid out, etc…if we’re not going to report on the event?

      Sorry, John, but you missed the point.

  • So as far as I can tell from the comments and stories…a bunch of aging sci-fi geeks who would never DARE set foot in a RHPS show outside of a ‘CON gets their panties in a wad over the length of preshow activities when they should be doing something more adult like kissing a girl for once…and in berating said instance gives all the disgruntled EX-cast members a chance to flock like ants to a picnic to help fan the flames in both anonymous and personalized roles.

    Yup…another day in Arizona Paradise.
    600 people saw that show, btw.
    But then again…what do I know?

    • Nah…More like a guy wearing a press badge wrote an opinion piece about a guy wagging his chin for 53 minutes and then…this…

      But then again, what do you know?

  • I was a convention last week doing the preshow.  We also had rules.  We also had virgins.  Preshow was done in about a half hour.  This is also the same for our usual shows, no matter who does the preshow, and with 30-40 virgins.  If your preshow is nearing an hour, YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG.  Rewrite your script.  Look at things that are taking up time.  An hour is way beyond acceptable.

  • Johnny

    It’s worth mentioning that during the first 10 minutes or so of the preshow, we actually made the comment to each other that the guy on the mic was good with the crowd. 45 minutes later with the same guy still bellowing into the mic, that first impression had done a 180.

    I’m sure there’s definite appeal to commanding a crowd like that. You chant something, the crowd chants back. They cheer, they laugh – it’s gotta be addictive. But when it goes that long, you’ve turned an experience that’s supposed to be about everyone into 53 minutes where you play ringmaster.

    There are only so many times you can ask the crowd to chant or raise their hands or shout something back before the preshow experience has lost its original purpose. The point is that it was overlong and boring and repetitive, three things that RHPS shouldn’t be.

    The audience is there to see more than the preshow. The cast is supposed to be an enhancement to the experience, not an obstacle. Get on with the show. It’s that simple.

    • A

      This guy Matt was recently arrested for possesion of child porn.