Shooting and Modeling for the Awkward Liveblog!

Posted by on May 27, 2011 at 6:55 pm

I decided to liveblog our first panel, I sat front row with Keith. How did it go? Hmmmm…

11:49AM: Sitting in Meeting Room 229A with the guys. Chillin’. Eleven minutes to show time. Thinking of ways I can shoot and model awkwardly.

11:51AM: Realizing my Chromebook is missing a rubber foot, a sticky, gaping maw replaces it. Where did it go? Better search my bag.

11:53AM: Still searching for the rubber foot. Has anyone seen it?

11:54AM: Fancy lectern.

11:55AM: Our hosts have arrived! They are preparing! PREPARING!
11:56AM: Johnny wanted me to take a picture of him. Begging for it, practically.

11:56AM: Johnny is taking a picture of me live-blogging. So meta.

11:59AM: Panel starting! We’re getting modeling advice! And shooting advice!
12:00PM: They have a PowerPoint armed in Garamond. Decent choice in type.

12:00PM: Our hosts introduce themselves Larcy and Kara.

12:01PM: MySpace angles are bad?

12:02PM: My Chromebook is poking me where the rubber foot used to be :(

12:03PM: “Don’t do half-‘butt’ posing. (There was a child in the room, sorry.) Or dorky faces. No gangster poses or pimp-stands. Or do, we don’t care.”

12:04PM: “You don’t want look like a hunchback.” Shyeah, okay…

12:05PM: Doing things with your pinky detracts from photos. Got it.

12:05PM: (referring to PowerPoint slide) “Can you see this?” (crowd groans with indifference)

12:06PM: “Have you guys seen America’s Next Top Model? Y’know, the old ones? I watched those as a kid.”

12:09PM: Lens flare is bad, as is excessive Photoshopping. I’LL PUT IN AS MANY LENS FLARES AS I WANT. PEW PEW PEW.

12:11PM: “Don’t put Buzz Lightyear on a volcano, because that doesn’t make any sense.”

12:15PM: “I don’t use flash attachments.” (I point at Johnny, who gives me a perturbed look.)

12:18PM: I was kinda hoping for more awkward modeling and shooting. Maybe it’s coming? Stuck in the pipe? (grabs broom)

12:19PM: “Roku here is mewing like a cat.”

12:20PM: Dude in goofy green hat just left.

12:20PM: “Oh my gosh, we still have 40 minutes!”

12:21PM: “Do you guys have questions?” (audience is silent) “No?” (audience is silent) “Do you want to play a game?”

12:22PM: “Do you want to play musical chairs?” “No, I don’t really want to move the chairs.”

12:23PM: “Do you have any comments… anything?”

12:23PM: Audience member: “Depth of field: Go!”

12:24PM: Keith asks a stupid question, I’ll lecture him later.

12:25PM: Johnny is now wanting to roleplay, with cameras in a group.

12:27PM: We just posed on stage. I think I’m the sexiest one here. Not that I’m biased or anything.

12:28PM: “Can you help me with posing?” “Yeah, come up here, I can help you, in a sense…”
12:30PM: “How do you smile?”

12:30PM: “Do you have a question? No? I thought you had a question.”
12:35PM: “I don’t want to dance! This has become quite awkward!”

12:37PM: Keith just bailed. I’ll lecture him later.

12:38PM: My finger’s sticky :(

12:40PM: Johnny is out, too. I HAVE TO FINISH THIS THING.

12:40PM: “I don’t know a 20-minute long dance!”

12:42PM: Kelly’s giving me this look like ‘dude, cut it.’ and I’m all like ‘nah dude, we can do it!”

12:43PM: “Thank you for coming!”

12:43PM: Okay, we really should go now.

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