The Hobbit – Production Back In Full Swing. Also, Cast Details And 20 Questions!

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Well, as many already know, the filming of Sir Peter Jackson’s next foray in to Middle Earth was delayed by health issues at the beginning of 2011 and then, again, by the earthquake in New Zealand back in February of this year. We also know, at this time, that production has resumed and details are coming to light regarding the cast of the upcoming film.

The cast, as announced so far, will consist of the following:

Beorn – Mikael Persbrandt
Bifur – William Kircher
Bilbo Baggins – Martin Freeman
Bofur – James Nesbitt
Bombur – Steven Hunter
Dori – Mark Hadlow
Drogo Baggins – Ryan Cage
Dwalin – Graham McTavish
Elrond – Hugo Weaving
Fili – Dean O’Gorman
Frodo Baggins – Elijah Wood
Galadriel – Cate Blanchett
Gandalf – Sir Ian McKellen
Gloin – Peter Hambleton
Gollum – Andy Serkis
Kili – Aidan Turner
Legolas – Orlando Bloom
Lindir – Bret McKenzie
Lord Balin – Ken Stott
Nori – Jed Brophy
Oin – John Callen
Ori – Adam Brown
Radagast -Sylvester McCoy
Saruman – Sir Cristopher Lee
Thorin – Richard Armitage
Thrain – Mike Mizrahi
Thranduil – Lee Pace
Thror – Jeffrey Thomas

(This list is subject to change as scheduling conflicts, production changes and other issues pop up)

Sir Peter Jackson has also put out a press release regarding his willingness to answer fan questions, much as he did with the LOTR trilogy only, this time, via a Facebook page.

Here’s the official statement from P-Jizzle (I call him that when we’re out at brunch, having martinis at the pub and chasing skirt across the plains of New Zealand. He likes it because he feels it makes him sound hip and edgy.)

It seems like a lifetime ago now, but way back at the beginning of The Lord of the Rings, I agreed to answer 20 questions sent into the Ain’t It Cool website. Harry Knowles sorted through them and gave me his pick, which I did my best to answer, even though we were in the very early pre-production stage.

I thought you might like to do the same thing again with The Hobbit, using this Facebook page. So let’s get into it … if there’s anything you’d like to know about the movies we’re making, please send me questions (on this page) and we’ll start answering 20 of them. Who knows – if we have fun, why stop at 20?

Let’s get it underway. Over to you …


Peter J

Pop on over and fire off a few questions!

I, for one, can’t WAIT for this one to be finished up and hit the theaters!

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