Game Of Thrones – Rob’s Take On The Series

Posted by on June 14, 2011 at 2:15 pm

The next Lord of the Rings? Maybe…

This show was brought up a few weeks ago in our podcast (this spawned the nickname Kelly “King Times” Karnetsky). We talked about kings and sword fights and hot chicks getting banged (and seeing their boobies). Well, I’ve just sat down and watched the series, from beginning to current, and here’s what I think about it.

The first few episodes were a tad on the slow side. There was a lot of character development and story building going on which generally makes movies and television, especially television, run a bit dry. There was, however, a lot of boobs flying around the screen and that made it worth watching through the building of the back-story.

After the first few episodes, the series “begins” in earnest. The “Game of Thrones” starts to take shape and we can see how much skullduggery and shady business there is going on. People getting poisoned, stabbed, raped, pushed out of buildings, deceived, assassinated and whored upon.

Oh yeah…I didn’t mention the whores. There’s LOTS of whores – most of them naked.

I love whores. Especially naked ones.

The series stars Sean Bean (The Lord of the Rings), Lena Headley (300), Mark Addy (A Knight’s Tale), Emilia Clarke (Really nice boobs) and Jason Momoa (Stargate: Atlantis) along with a host of others, wielding swords and being whores.

All in all, it’s a very good show. With plenty of action, espionage, sword-play and naked chicks, I have no problem recommending this show to anyone…especially if you’re a fan of the likes of The LOTR trilogy, Spartacus, 300 and others.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this show so check it out on HBO. You’re very unlikely to be disappointed.

8/10 FleshEatingZipper

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  • Dutch

    If you liked the show, you should read the books.  

    • Bro…You should know by now that I can’t read.  I sputter this crap out and a retarded monkey taps on the keyboard for me.

      Maybe I’ll get an audio book from Audible.  Not a bad idea to visit one of our sponsors from time to time haha.

  • AJC

    Awesome show but I thought Sean Bean would be in it a bit longer…

    BTW, why the f*ck does he pronounce his first name like “Shawn” and his last like “Bean”? I demand consistency! I demand that he either be Seen Bean or Shawn Bawn, dammit.

    • I’ve always thought that Sean and Shawn were pronounced the same way.

      • He was joking, Kels…Simma down.

        By the way, say Hi to AJ…He’s probably going to end up representing us some day.

        • Well my bad. I am thinking to literally today, my bad!

    • Yeah, I was pretty dumbstruck at the end of episode 9.

      And I think it’s Seen Bawn…for the record.

      Also, you can say fuck here, we don’t mind.