My 90’s Crush: Tiffani Thiessen

Posted by on June 18, 2011 at 3:47 pm

This week, the FleshEatingZipper staff writes about their crushes from the Bill Clinton, Arsenio Hall, and Gangster’s Paradise-esque 1990′s!

Back then she was credited as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen but I knew her as Kelly Kapowski growing up watching Saved by the Bell. Her character was the girl next door, something every guy wants, and my crushing began. Kelly and Zack Morris seemed like the perfect couple and… hold on this isn’t about Saved by the Bell this is about Tiffani Thiessen.

I had a huge crush on her and she was the only poster I had hanging up in my room, I would just stare at it all the time because she was hot, this is before I knew what masturbating was. I was like 10, my crushes were like I really want to hold her hand so bad, Then we can ride around on bicycles and drink Surge together! I’m totally messing up my years but they are in the same decade so deal.

After Saved by the Bell she did Saved by the Bell: The College Years (which only lasted one season, I swear that these shows lasted forever, I mean they still air them), a couple of Saved by the Bell TV movies then moved on to Beverly Hills 90210. While doing Beverly Hills 90210 she did a few more made for TV movies. Honestly I never watched Beverly Hills 90210 and in my eyes she just disappeared until I started watching White Collar and there she was!

Today she’s still hot but has a husband and kids. *sigh*

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  • Charlie

    The first time I saw Tiffani was on a re-run of “SBTB” from the 4th season. She must’ve been about 17, and got very excited by how pretty she was. She was wearing a short pink mini skirt that clung to her derrière and drew attention to the cut of her underwear. I was 24 years, and I felt this tidal wave of guilt and arousal as I thrust a blank tape into the VHS and hit ‘record’. Watching the tape, I felt dizzy with arousal. I sensed, almost instinctively, that the girl’s delicious young body would be tremendously responsive to the touch of an experienced older man. I started to shake with excitement as I imagined myself sucking her prominent nipples and massaging her wet little panties. Tiffani was so turned on that her clitoris was sticking out from the top of the labia, and I touched her gently, teasing my fingertips back and forth over the spot where it poked against her thin, silky panties. A Tiffani climaxed, her thighs shook, her clitoris palpitated against the fabric beneath my fingers, and her amazing young vagina released a cascade of slippery lubrication into her panties. I was overcome with gratification to feel that I had brought this girl so much pleasure.
    20 some odd years later, and I still can’t hear the name Tiffani-Amber Thiessen without being reminded of that fantasy.